always something to celebrate!


Dear Dessert Oasis,

You often post in celebration of dessert holidays (of which there are a plethora!), which helps me to ensure that I am doing my part to honor these special days. Do you know of any comprehensive calendar that lists these holidays? While I greatly appreciate that I can rely on you to keep me informed of dessert holidays, I feel somewhat abashed that I’m not prepared in advance for my favorite ones. (What better way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie day then baking your own! But alas, it’s Sunday at 11pm and I have no chocolate chips or butter….)

Yours truly in celebration of sweets,
Dessert Day Devotee


Dear DDD,

Oooohhh, I feel your pain! Nothing worse than realizing mid-day that it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and you #1: missed the perfect excuse to eat cookies for breakfast, and #2: have a pantry full of tortilla chips instead of chocolate chips. *tear*

Well fear not, because I’ll get you set for all upcoming dessert holidays so you can prepare in advance! I mean, most holidays incorporate some kind of cake or cookie or candy in the festivities, but holidays where the dessert is the actual focus??!?!? Made up or not, I’m in!

If you are on Instagram, (aside from following @dessert.oasis), I recommend following @itsadayreally. No forewarning there, and dessert holidays are mixed in with a bunch of other holidays (today is May Ray Day???), but they are a good reminder since they post early enough in the morning for you to find some way to celebrate accordingly throughout the day.

For more comprehensive/all-in-one lists, I suggest the following websites:

Both of these pages have searchable calendars along with some foodie facts and history thrown in too, so not only can you plan ahead to celebrate National Devil’s Food Cake Day (TODAY!!!!!), but you can wow your foodie friends with lil morsels like: “A similar cake, the red velvet cake, is closely linked to a devil’s food cake, and in some turn of the century cookbooks the two names may have been interchangeable.” #themoreyouknow

And to make sure you don’t miss anymore May dessert holidays and drown in sugar-free tears before the month is over, here are the most important upcoming national dates to remember:

May 22 – National Vanilla Pudding Day
May 23 – National Taffy Day
May 26 – National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
May 27 – National Grape Popsicle Day (i’ll be skipping this one…)
May 31 – National Macaroon Day

Now go get some Devil’s Food for lunch!!!

Celebratorily yours,
Dessert Oasis


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