WLW: Salty Donut making me not salty about Florida

Donuts. I’ll say it: they are not dessert. They are breakfast. (albeit a socially acceptable way to eat cake for breakfast)


But what happens when donuts are no longer coffee-dunkable? Have they then progressed past the bfast menu realm? When they come in fancy flavors and are dressed to the nines, they do rise above their historically coffee-dunked ancestors? Like, I don’t really ever dunk anything, but seriously thanksbutnothanks I’m not going to risk an entire strawberry or chunks of candied bacon falling into my coffee. (can you imagine the dregs at the bottom of that cup??? barf.) I might even need a fork and knife instead – not even thinking twice about summoning my inner George-Costanza-with-a-Snickers-bar.

unnamed-1And so, artisanal donuts have got me thinking outside the pastry box, and one shop in particular has done the unimaginable and got me thinking outside the sweaty Florida Disney/oranges/hurricanes box. The Salty Donut: this week’s Wish List travelfortreats destination. You heard me. I’m going to Florida to eat donuts.


Located in Miami, The Salty Donut is a small-batch establishment making EVERYTHING in house, and trying their damnedest to change the donut/coffee landscape of South Florida. They’re basically like, “Everyone, get with the times. Eat this.” And I’m like, “Don’t mind if I do! And thanks for not just being another souvenir shop with shelf-aged “Key lime” pies!”


I’m talking lemon meringue fritters. Guava and cheese stuffed brioche. Fresh strawberries and cream, passion fruit and coconut, baked sweet potato, and the universally loved white chocolate tres leches.


Should you still feel the monstrous need to dunk (please just sip alongside), they also offer a fancy coffee program to complement these beauties. Think cold brew Palmers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch lattes. Mmmmmmmm……… Beats yard long boozy slushies from Fort LaudyDaudy any day, and since you’re in Florida you’re probs on vacation, making boxful of fried pastries a 100% acceptable way to start the day.

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at Jennivee’s, I’m the girl with the most cake


If you’re driving near Sheffield/Roscoe in June, you’re probably looking for Cubs parking/cursing yourself that you’re in the neighborhood on a game day. Well while you’re navigating one-ways and praying for a win, please kindly drop me off at 3301 N. Sheffield and just text me when you’ve found a spot. Because my new pre-game (preferably NOT on a game day) is eating all the cake at Jennivee’s Bakery.

Located somewhat surprisingly where it’s located, Jennivee’s is a delicious cake mecca in an ocean of Old Style and peanuts, street fests and strollers. I love these cakes so much I will fight my way past ZZ Top cover band groupies and spilly frat boys to get a slice or 3.


This Filipino bakery is open latelate. They continue to bake throughout the day. The slices are BIG (and – IMO – are preferable to the cupcakes). You will be caught off-guard by how light and fresh and not dense everything is. You’ll want to faceplant, but let’s keep it classy – there are floor-to-ceiling windows in this bakery and they don’t need that kind of advertising.

After much deliberation, I, along with my hardworking assistant, got:


a slice of mango cakesupermoist mango chiffon with mango mousse and a layer of fresh mango slices. Can cake be refreshing? It can. This was like a cake version of a mango lassi.


a slice of blackout cake – dark chocolate cake with chocolate pudding layers. Deep cocoa-y intense but not overly rich. Like, no prob, let’s eat the whole thing.


a slice of purple velvet – ube chiffon cake with ube mousse with fresh coconut strings mixed into the mousse layer. Like a goddamn springy cloud. If you’ve never had ube and are thinking “WTF is this, a potato loaf?,” do yourself a favor and learn about it and then get this cake for your gateway slice. There’s no going back.


We also had a pistachio cupcake and a citrusy tres leches cupcake – whipped cream NOT buttercream frostings, thank the heavens, bc Jennivee knows what’s up. I will be going back for a slice of spumoni cake, a slice of red velvet, a slice of caramel cake, a slice of Nutella cake, a slice of Sansrival cashew cake, a slice of EVERYTHING.



breakfast box:


dessert parade at The Park

The Park Restaurant has a burger night every Wednesday. The burgers are delicious. But burgers schmurgers, I go for the desserts. Walk in the door and canisters of freshly baked treats, concocted by the delicious mind of pastry wizard Dakota Bertrand, are waiting to greet you!!!

Though the burgers are customizable with gruyere, aioli, bacon, fried eggs, avocado, crispy onions (oh man oh man!), don’t be a fool and stuff yourself. Be a pro and keep a space for dessert! As decadent and rich as these appear (and are), they are surprisingly light and (not surprisingly) sharable, so just do it and thank me later.

photo 1

* Chocolate tart with oatmeal cookie crust, apricot sauce and a roasted, candied hazelnut – the apricot sauce ties this tart to the summer season and a hidden layer of milk custard cuts through the smooth, dense ganache. I will lick the plate/I did lick the plate clean.

photo 2

* Peanut butter sandwich cookie – these are the lightest, butteriest peanut butter cookies ever to cross your path, and they are held together with the whippiest, creamiest peanut butter. You can fit a few bites into your full stomach, I promise. I tested this theory. And you can get another for the road.

photo 3

* A little baby tres leches cake with fresh strawberries – this one is a no-brainer. It is the perfect size, it is the perfect sweetness, there are the perfect amount of strawberries to go with each bite, and then it’s over and you’ll probably want another.

photo 4

* Butterscotch budino with a molasses ginger cookie and a side of salt caramel – Budino is the cousin of pudding and pot de creme, and this one is rich and creamy with a slightly burnt, not-too-sweet butterscotch flavor making it easy to go back for another and another spoonful. Add to that the chewy, spicy, sugared ginger molasses cookie and a twist of the caramel that you saw when you first walked in the door (I know you saw them) and have hence been thinking about for the past 2 hours (I know how your brain works), and you’re all set. Forget about the unforgiving wax paper and just dive in. Extra napkins will be provided.

The Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cinco de Mayo sweets

photo 1

What’s better than a bucket of Coronas? Many things, but definitely a tableful of pastries! (namely: tres leches, coconut flan and a cuernito with guava and cheese) What’s better than a bunch of drunkies in Walgreen’s sombreros? Happy faces handing over free treats!

La Monarcha has pastry cases everywhere and traditional metal trays to load up with any Mexican cake/cookie/roll you could want. Taking a minute to decide what you want? Well, have a cookie while you think! Waiting for your cafe guaymas (basically a mocha with coconut) to cool off? Well, have a taste of the Mexican hot chocolate! Seriously. Extra chocolate drizzled on the tres leches, extra caramel drizzled on the flan, extra smiles all around!

photo 2photo 3

Outstanding mention: the tres leches at La Espiga Bakery. Super fresh and made to order if it just so happens that you need an entire cake for yourself (sometimes you do), and topped with a fiesta of fruit.