egg free and ageless


Dear Dessert Oasis,

What is an egg free dessert I can bring to a dinner party that will please both kiddos and discerning adults alike?

Sincerely, Suburban sweet lover



Dear Suburban Sweetie,

I’ve got a few suggestions for you dependent on level of acceptable mess:

  1. Bake or buy a fruit pie. Done and done. (*not a custard/key lime/pudding type pie – bc duh, eggs)
  2. Rice Krispie Treats – age doesn’t discriminate here. EVERYONE ALWAYS loves Rice Krispie Treats. They’re easy to make (only 3 ingredients – none of them eggs! one bowl! one pan!), you can keep them classic or add a little something for the kids (mix in sprinkles!) or adults (spread a layer of melted dark chocolate on top!)
  3. If it’s chilly outside, and you don’t mind a *touch* of a mess inside, chocolate fondue is a sure winner. Milk chocolate (maybe even swirled with white chocolate?) for the kiddies, and dark/semi-sweet (maybe swirled with milk chocolate?) for the adults. Slice and dip any fruit, pretzels, shortbreads (no eggs), marshmallows, etc. It’s a fun way to keep kids occupied/happily playing with their food, and a relaxed way for adults to linger at the table with cocktails over the fondue pot…. but keep in mind, this dessert will for sure take centerstage. If you don’t want that much limelight/potential mess in someone else’s dining room, simply dip and cool everything on a tray/arrange on a platter beforehand to bring the treats sans melting accessories.
  4. With warmer months coming and dinner parties potentially turning into backyard BBQs, DIY (or store bought) popsicles are great and kids can be hosed down on the lawn afterwards. Blend some juice/fruit/yogurt together and pour into popsicle molds – maybe add a few extra pieces of fruit to each mold too to make ’em pretty. You can keep it simple for kids: strawberry/banana, orange/vanilla yogurt, and maybe toss in something more interesting for the grown-ups: add fresh ginger to blackberry pops or chopped basil to watermelon pops!

You don’t have to crack any eggs to make this omelet,
Dessert Oasis


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