Neighborhood Joe


This place has been on my radar for awhile. Well, not too long of awhile since they only opened in 2017, but you know, I’ve been watching.

Always seemed juuuuust slightly far – but guess who lives 11 minutes away from Joe Donut now? Lucky ME. And guess who just announced a second location opening up 6 minutes away from lucky me? JOE DONUT. #luckierme


All the donuts/fillings are handmade in small batches and when they sell out each day, they close shop. Like if you get there at 10:15am AM! on a Friday, the doors could very well be locked. The Glenview Metra early morning commuters have got it made….their old fashioneds are some of the best I’ve ever had (crunchy crusted salted caramel with almond toffee mmmmmm), their maple bacon is nice and smoky sweet, their strawberry glaze tastes like strawberries not like pink, and the Nutella filled cinnsugar is like a dream pillow. Also, S’MORES.


The new location will have actual seating and donuts until later hours – all the better for settling in and stuffing your face with a pizza box full of doughnies. WELCOME and you’re welcome.




Never too cold for pie


Hi Chicago. In case you’re thinking it’s too cold for ice cream (it isn’t – IT NEVER IS), let me tell you about Spumoni PIE. Yes. Spumoni in pie form. From Bang Bang.

Graham crust topped with pistachio pastry cream, then dark chocolate ganache, then cherry whipped cream, then candied pistachios, then into my mouth. SO GOOD. All the layers in one bite instead of hunting around to get a bit of each à la reg spumoni.

Get it now!!

And overheard while pieing:

7 year old to her parents: “What do you love more, comics or pie?”
Parents in unison: “PIE.”

7 year old: “The whole point of this place is pie. You want to get pie, get pie. Pie gets you feeling relaxed.”

They’re raising her right.

Honorable mention: Coco-nana pie – coconut pastry cream with roasted banana caramel and whipped cream. Instant transport away from icy sidewalks.


Thank you, I’ll have s’more.


The s’mores dessert at Frontier. Delivered in a cutie baby cast iron pan. Housemade huge bourbon marshmallow. Layered with a square of bittersweet Tcho chocolate. Drizzled with caramel. Topped with pistachio brittle. Ok ok, we’ve got the marshmallow and the chocolate, but where’s the graham cracker to round out this perfected trifecta? Sink your spoon past all the melty layers and you’ll find it….hidden underneath, slowly caramelizing into a slightly salted chewy crust. Yesssssss.

S’mores – just like how the pioneer folk of the American West used to make ’em. Don’t know how I missed that chapter in “Little House on the Prairie”……. (but remember when Laura dumped maple syrup in the snow to make candy? that was a good one.)

Frontier Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

IT’S NATIONAL DESSERT DAY!!!!! (and I didn’t make that up)


Oh these “days” – don’t you just love them? I see them as less of an excuse and more of a reminder to treat yo self! (so easy to lose sight of treating yo self sometimes…..)

Today I celebrated at Cream and Flutter with a well-rounded smattering of desserts: a burger-sized pistachio macaron filled with silky pistachio buttercream, a tiramisu cupcake soaked in espresso and towering with mascarpone cheese frosting, and a s’mores brownie big enough to fill a (baby) shoe box. (and the brownie foundation itself wasn’t the only chocolate representation in this s’mores deconstruction….a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache is hiding under the marshmallows for full effect)

So get out there and celebrate while there’s still time! (<—- trick statement: there’s ALWAYS time for dessert) And be sure to spread the holiday cheer to any sad souls less in-the-know….. truth be told, I had to let Cream and Flutter know what day it is….. shame.


All the donut people

This weekend I made the rounds and visited all the donut people: The Donut Man – the old “Pride of the Foothills,” Donut Friend – I might get a DBFF (donut best friend forever) necklace shaped like a donut and give them the other half, and Donut Snob – who should really be called “Donut Tease” since they make you search for them and then leave you wanting more.

photo 1

Donut Friend: like any true friend, they just want you to be happy and never disappointed. They have a fresh case full of their signature combinations ready for take-away, or they will make you any combo you want to create your perfect donut. Add goat cheese with peanut butter or fresh mint with Oreos – anything goes! I had:

Nutellavision: chocolate hazelnut with a dash of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt
Husker Blu: a blueberry cake donut with blueberry glaze
Polar Berry Club: lemon glaze piled with fresh berries
Lemon Weapon (my all-time fave): fresh lemon cream and blueberry compote in a traditional raised donut with lemon glaze and fresh mint! (they even tear tiny bits of mint and hide them in the donut too!)

(below: ready to go, and Lemon Weapon in the works)

photo 2-1photo 1-1

Donut Snob: No janky-looking donuts here. And nothing sitting around for hours gathering flies. Just pretty and fresh and limited quantities (quite the ‘leave ’em wanting more’ attitude). You can place your own delivery order, or you can consult their site to view their daily stockist schedule and then hope to catch a donut or two before they fly off the shelf! I was lucky/early-out-of-bed enough to get to FoodLab and snag:

photo 5

Pistachio Orange: fluffy donut topped with orange zest glaze and chopped organic pistachios (it’s good for me!)
The Berry Best: like a donut-based berry tart with a mixed berry coulis center, cinnamon glaze and fresh whole berries on top

I’m keeping my eye out and my alarm set to find/eat their Blueberry Earl Grey and Campfire donuts next!

photo 4

The Donut Man: this guy has been in Glendora for over 40 years, so I doubt he’s moving closer, though I wish he would….. Good thing is that he’s open 24/7, so whenever you motivate yourself to drive on over, donuts will be there waiting for you! Here’s what to get:

fresh strawberry: as seen on many TV shows and as seen in my mouth, this is what they are known for. A big, soft, golden glazed donut stuffed beyond capacity with fresh, whole strawberries
Tiger Tail: extraextra long (like over a foot and a half) twisted glazed donut with chocolate swirled into the twist
chocolate frosted cruller: it is what it is, and it is one of the best I’ve ever had!
maple glazed: truth be told, this one was for my assistant/driver, but I ate some too (obvi) and it was delicious – perfect, freshly poured maple

photo 2photo 3

FYI: the strawberry donuts are only available during strawberry season, and in about 1.5 weeks the peaches will be ready!!! Be sure to call ahead for the peach-stuffed donuts as they are only around for a couple of weeks and apparently this year’s harvest will be smaller than before. F’ing drought ruining everything….

Sunday Sundae!


On Sundays you just need to go wherever the day takes you (and find ice cream along the way). Today, Sunday took me to New Buffalo, MI, so ice cream was found at Oink’s Dutch Treat.

Sundae: pistachio and cherry amaretto amour with hot fudge, whipped cream, pecans and a cherry on top. Shoppe interior: filled with piggy knick-knack-paddy-whacks and old-timey ice cream paraphernalia. Stand-out customer: crying icecreamless 5 year old girl sitting between icecreamholding 4 year and 6 year olds. Thought she was sad because she didn’t get any ice cream. Nope, she was crying because she had finished her ice cream too fast, and according to her mother, it was the biggest cone of all.


gelato flowers in bloom


Look. At. This. Ice. Cream. Cone. Just look at it!! So pretty I *almost* couldn’t eat it. But then I could. I wish I had a whole garden of these flowers growing in my backyard! (side note: I wish I had a backyard…sigh)

Spanning from Avignon (!!!) to Los Angeles, Amorino is slowly taking over the world one gelato petal at a time, and I’m fine with that.

Pictured above, the most beautiful cone you ever did see, featuring petals of passion fruit, strawberry, pistachio and inimitable (hazelnut chocolate). Creamy, zippy, and all around delicious. The scooper, or maybe I should call him “gelato artist,” said I could probably make a cone like this myself if I practiced for 3 or 4 hours.