Pi(e) Day: 2020

RISE & SHINE!!!!!!!!!

That’s the name of the pie. 50% Coffee Cream and 50% Apple Danish from Bang Bang. If ever there was a Pie Day breakfast of champions, THIS IS IT.

Ordered ahead of time, picked up on the most Friday the 13th of Friday the 13ths, and eaten in quarantine. (actually also saved from complete cobbler-destined destruction when my ever-growing “assistant” pulled the pie box down from the fairly high counter, placed it on the floor, stood on it, and “was poopin.” WTF)

Though I’m doubtful that pie lines today will be as long as they’ve been in Pie Days past, I’d say call ahead so you can get in and out quick while still supporting pie providers. Or maybe order a gift card for future pies and put your home baking skills to the test by making your own pie……lord knows all that flour from the empty grocery store shelves needs to get put to good use!


Rounding up for Pi(e) Day


Because on Pi(e) Day, 3.14 = 4, and I’ll go any distance to get my slices.

Today, I had to drive a whole 5 minutes away.

Sweety Pies (aka my new fave neighbor) was bursting at the seams with fresh homemade pies: cherry, raspberry, apple, apple crumble, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, crocodile pie, sunshine citrus, raspberry supreme, blueberry supreme, chocolate cashmere. Big ones, mini ones, slices. Hard not to take one of each, but of course I need an excuse to visit again asap, so for this holiday lunch, only:

crocodile pie – pecan with chocolate and rum, snap snap!
raspberry supreme – raspberry pie with a cheesecakey top
chocolate cashmere – rich, thick, mmmmmousse
sunshine citrus – orange cream in a crisp buttery graham crust with a dollop of meringue on top



Yes yes yes yes all delicious. And I’ll be returning to try each of the rest.


(Above: protecting the goods bc these pies were procured in the middle of a mad dash downpour – which made the cafe even cozier….. as if that was possible….. The shop is family run FOR REAL. The “grandma” described all the pies to me and gave her recs, the “grandpa” helped box and rang me up, the daughter baked the pies and answered the phone, and the grandson ate pie scraps.       !!!!!!!!)