Summer 2019 PSA

I don’t know what the deal with peach is…..(Did I miss it? Has it not happened yet??)…. but I do know this: Mario’s has new flavors including lychee and grapefruit, and the grapefruit is AMAZING – frozen bits of grapefruit and all (and combos well with watermelon) – and I’m getting the lychee next time.

At minimum, get a large.

You are welcome.

Sunday Sundae: not your typical village


Village Creamery is an ice cream stand in a near north Chicago suburb (Niles). Sure, sure. Probably the usual vanilla-only, root-beer-float-if-you’re-lucky situation, right? Of course, yes. Let’s go after little league and get some soft-serve. I’m all ready to give my chocolate soft serve/butterscotch dip top order with fingers crossed, as per usual. BUT WAIT. What to my wondering eyes should appear? Filipino dreams come true with lychee and macapuno ice creams, and hello hello, a halo halo sundae.

I mean, what’s better than a bowl of shaved ice on a scorching summer day? Round it out with flan, homemade Thai tea and sapin-sapin ice creams, and the Filipino kitchen sink selection of toppings. Coulda shoulda put it on a bubble waffle, but as I’d just polished off some sushi and Korean dumplings at H Mart across the street, I was a tad full. Next visit order: banana split atop a bubble waffle with scoops of red bean, ube and mango. Next visit date: ASAP.



WLW: Dominque Ansel Kitchen



Cronuts, burrata soft serve, frozen toasted marshmallows and now dessert ramen….yeah yeah yeah (yeah!)….but what I really want is this: grown up fruit by the foot.

Today’s Wish List Wednesday: Dominique Ansel Kitchen, (not to be confused with Dominique Ansel Bakery which is in walking distance from the kitchen so obvs I’d hit that up too). There, they make pâtes de fruits in four flavors: beet lychee, carrot calamansi, green apple wasabi, and yuzu sake. And I want them all. And I LOVE those little tin cans. And someday they will be mine! But alas, I cannot buy them to be shipped….

While I’m there, I will of course pick up some matcha beignets and made-to-order hazelnut madeleines, and probs also 48-hour tea-ramisu and maybe a lemon orange blossom chamomile cloud puff, bc frankly, who knows when I’ll be back? Gotta go big before I go home.


*photo by @cronutgirl