Pretty Cool is super awesome

Hi hi hi!!!!! Just so you know, once the zoning permit goes through I’ll be moving into an apartment upstairs from Pretty Cool Ice Cream so that I won’t have to cry myself to sleep each time I miss a new collab or, you know, just miss eating an ice cream bar in general.

Love the ice cream truck? Who doesn’t?! But not totally nostalgic for the fakeyfake flavors? Who is?! Pretty Cool has you covered with truck pops like Concord grape, sour cherry or fire cracker.

Wish you were on a beach? P.C. got you again with their passion fruit or mango lassi buttermilk bars.

Want ice cream but also pie?? Yeah, duh. Get one of their Bang Bang piecicle bars like strawberry rhubarb or key lime or banana cream.

Are you 5 years old and want your own pop but will get bored in 3 min and/or plan to drop it on the floor? The pony pop is the pop for you, and you can pick pink lemonade, chocolate custard, cider, strawberry buttermilk, vanilla or grape. SO MANT CHOICES.

Not feeling fruity but feeling fancy? How about s’mores or rainbow chip or horchata crunch or coffee pretzel toffee or peanut butter potato chip or caramel cake or orange confetti or or or or………

EVERYTHING IS GOOD. The wrapper art is good. The wall art is good. The magnet letter wall and wooden bleachers are good insure that everyone is occupado and able to eat their treat in relative peace.

Like I said, I’m moving in ASAP and my doors will be open until 10pm each night.

treats for all seasons, treats for all moods


What to do when it’s technically fall but it still feels like summer? What to do when it’s cold when you leave your house but hot by the time you get to your car? What to do when you want chocolate but your friend wants caramel and your other friend wants marshmallows? If ever there were first world problems…..I’m here to solve them! Or rather, Katherine Anne Confections to the rescue!!


This tiny Logan Square shop has got you covered. Literally. Entering the shop, you’re basically enrobed by the chocolate cloud that fills the air. They are famous for their drinking chocolate – hot or cold. We’re not talking hersheysnesquikswissmiss. At Katherine Anne, you actually choose your chocolate strength (40% milk, 58% semisweet, 72% bittersweet, or 85% super dark) to be topped with a scoop of whipped cream and floating chocolate pearls. (I know that looks like ice cream – nope, it’s fresh Kilgus Farm whipped cream buoyed by frothy liquid chocolate!)


Ok, on to the hand-dipped truffles. They focus on local and organic ingredients and adapt their menu to the seasons. On my last visit I had: a pomegranate/blueberry/basil (tart and fruity but with a savory basil twist – perfect summer flavor), a goat cheese and walnut (the cheesecake of truffles), and a Manhattan (an elevated whisky ball). On my last visit I also wanted: a peanut butter coconut curry, a passionfruit ginger, and a raspberry elderflower, but alas I had to save room for caramels. Caramels like orange tarragon hazelnut – why has this not been done before? Caramels like apple cider caraway that tasted like crème brûléed rye bread. Caramels like salted bacon that was all at once smoky and buttery, salty but sweet, smooth with bits of crisp bacon. HOW DID THEY DO IT???


And finally the marshmallows, which truth be told I didn’t have bc I wasn’t in a marshmallowy mood bc it was too sticky outside and also I don’t normally get crazy excited about eating marshmallows because there are far too many overly gelatinous disappointments out there in the confectionary world that just blop around in your stomach all day. However, I WILL be returning for Katherine Anne’s version because no doubt they are wonderful (vanilla bean w black pepper?) and obvs the best topping for a flight of hot chocolates (hot chocolate marshmallow ON TOP of hot chocolate? Wut.) *side note: why hasn’t anyone made a marshmallow mattress yet? THAT I could get excited about.