Introducing Wish List Wednesday!

Wish List Wednesday: for the places I plan to go and the things I plan to eat, just probably not in the very near future….

First stop: Leckerbaer. A Copenhagen bakery reinventing the Danish butter cookie. JUST LOOK AT THESE COOKIES.


Salted caramel and black currant, passion fruit meringue, blueberry pistachio nougat, raspberry madeleines, peanut butter creampuffs, apricot brownies, hazelnut/licorice/sour cherry cakes…. Seasonal flavors and year-long standbys. They even make Kransekage for New Year’s Eve….maybe that’s when I’ll visit.

You can eat your treats there, or take them to go. The only thing you can’t take with you is, of course, the intoxicating bakery smell. But Leckerbaer thought of that too….they sell their cookie dough so you can bake the cookies yourself and make your home smell like a bakery (the next best thing to moving in). Genius.

*photo by @leckerbaer, bc I haven’t been there yet, duh