Pretty Cool is super awesome

Hi hi hi!!!!! Just so you know, once the zoning permit goes through I’ll be moving into an apartment upstairs from Pretty Cool Ice Cream so that I won’t have to cry myself to sleep each time I miss a new collab or, you know, just miss eating an ice cream bar in general.

Love the ice cream truck? Who doesn’t?! But not totally nostalgic for the fakeyfake flavors? Who is?! Pretty Cool has you covered with truck pops like Concord grape, sour cherry or fire cracker.

Wish you were on a beach? P.C. got you again with their passion fruit or mango lassi buttermilk bars.

Want ice cream but also pie?? Yeah, duh. Get one of their Bang Bang piecicle bars like strawberry rhubarb or key lime or banana cream.

Are you 5 years old and want your own pop but will get bored in 3 min and/or plan to drop it on the floor? The pony pop is the pop for you, and you can pick pink lemonade, chocolate custard, cider, strawberry buttermilk, vanilla or grape. SO MANT CHOICES.

Not feeling fruity but feeling fancy? How about s’mores or rainbow chip or horchata crunch or coffee pretzel toffee or peanut butter potato chip or caramel cake or orange confetti or or or or………

EVERYTHING IS GOOD. The wrapper art is good. The wall art is good. The magnet letter wall and wooden bleachers are good insure that everyone is occupado and able to eat their treat in relative peace.

Like I said, I’m moving in ASAP and my doors will be open until 10pm each night.

new to the neighborhood

photo 1

2:57pm and I was driving past Churro Borough. What time do they open? 3 o’clock. Parking space right in front of the door. It was meant to be. Beat the heat and the lines at the same time. Done.

Checking out a new spot = very important work.  These ice cream sandwiches have been quickly selling out since they opened in April, but if you’re 4th in line, that’s not a problem. The spicy hot chocolate ice cream has a kick, so seeing as it was 85 degrees out and I didn’t need to get any sweatier, I went with the horchata sherbert – basically ordering myself 3.5 inches of cinnamon toast crunch deliciousness.

Thinking ahead of my drive home in traffic, I also ordered a treat for the road. I’m so smart. Though the churro sandwiches are most in demand, the homemade paletas are not to be missed! Raspberry Jamaica, Watermelon Lemongrass, Guava Lime or Spicy Mango. Um, one of each, please!!  Jk, jk – I can’t drive and hold 4 popsicles, so I kept my cool (get it?) and only ordered one: watermelon lemongrass. Refreshing and miraculously not drippy, plus it matched my nails.

photo 3photo 2

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