land of milk and honey


Unless you live in Vernon Hills, Vernon Hills is not close. Nor does it have hills (quick Chi suburb tricky name lesson here). But some days the stars and sun rays align and *someone* can finally have honey and that same someone needs a nap but doesn’t know it, so a DRIVE is in order with destination: Milkcow.

Soft serve milk ice cream drizzled with honey and topped with chunks of honeycomb. Smooth and refreshing with hits of honey. They also have a cookies and cream version (for a next level milk and cookies fix), and can do a towering affogato. Delicious for an adult and probably mind-blowing for a 1 year old…. I’m guessing like a bottle on steroids??

*Extra points for having a sink in the dining area – to rinse/recycle your cup and/or to wash any sticky fingers.

Box of Chocolates – See’s


There’s just something about a box of chocolates. Much like a pink pastry box, I can’t help but get excited! Growing up, I’d wait for boxes of chocolates to come my way on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas (when I’d eagerly eat my faves and cut holes in the bottoms of unknowns and put the gross ones back in the box). But know what comes with being an adult? The ability to buy your own damn box of chocolates whenever you want!

See’s has been in Los Angeles for over 90 years, and they do their best to keep a hint of history at their shops. Though you can find their famous lollypops and boxes of best sellers at Cali airports, you should do yourself a favor and visit the actual factory shop. A portrait of Mary See presides over the candy counter and you are given a free sample of your choosing at every visit! No need to stick with pre-assorted boxes, make your own (then you don’t have to eat that too sweet one with chocolate jimmies).

photo 1photo 4

I always get (all dark): a few Scotchmallows (caramel and honey marshmallow covered in dark chocolate), a few nougats (honey nougat with almonds and coconut), a molasses chip (honeycomb wafer with dark chocolate – 4 in ‘a piece’!), a raspberry cream and a California brittle for good measure. And then maybe one random piece (milk peanut butter chip was today’s selection). Then I get the box wrapped but also grab a few napkins because, duh, that box is getting ceremoniously unwrapped in the car on the way home.

photo 2photo 3

Life goals: 1 – have Mary See’s portrait hanging in my dining room; 2 – have my name and caricature on a candy dish. (I wish Warren and Charlie would let Mary be by herself – I’d happily take candy that she made, but I’d be wary of a treat concocted by an old billionaire man – highly doubt they even own an apron.)