WLW: Salty Donut making me not salty about Florida

Donuts. I’ll say it: they are not dessert. They are breakfast. (albeit a socially acceptable way to eat cake for breakfast)


But what happens when donuts are no longer coffee-dunkable? Have they then progressed past the bfast menu realm? When they come in fancy flavors and are dressed to the nines, they do rise above their historically coffee-dunked ancestors? Like, I don’t really ever dunk anything, but seriously thanksbutnothanks I’m not going to risk an entire strawberry or chunks of candied bacon falling into my coffee. (can you imagine the dregs at the bottom of that cup??? barf.) I might even need a fork and knife instead – not even thinking twice about summoning my inner George-Costanza-with-a-Snickers-bar.

unnamed-1And so, artisanal donuts have got me thinking outside the pastry box, and one shop in particular has done the unimaginable and got me thinking outside the sweaty Florida Disney/oranges/hurricanes box. The Salty Donut: this week’s Wish List travelfortreats destination. You heard me. I’m going to Florida to eat donuts.


Located in Miami, The Salty Donut is a small-batch establishment making EVERYTHING in house, and trying their damnedest to change the donut/coffee landscape of South Florida. They’re basically like, “Everyone, get with the times. Eat this.” And I’m like, “Don’t mind if I do! And thanks for not just being another souvenir shop with shelf-aged “Key lime” pies!”


I’m talking lemon meringue fritters. Guava and cheese stuffed brioche. Fresh strawberries and cream, passion fruit and coconut, baked sweet potato, and the universally loved white chocolate tres leches.


Should you still feel the monstrous need to dunk (please just sip alongside), they also offer a fancy coffee program to complement these beauties. Think cold brew Palmers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch lattes. Mmmmmmmm……… Beats yard long boozy slushies from Fort LaudyDaudy any day, and since you’re in Florida you’re probs on vacation, making boxful of fried pastries a 100% acceptable way to start the day.

*pics by @allisonkimchi, @chewyorkcity, @jenntronic, @onehungryygirl, @foodieattraction and someday by me

dessert delivery / food truck futures

Dear Dessert Oasis,

Do you know of any dessert delivery services; specifically chocolate desserts?

Also, what kind of dessert food trucks exist? Is that the wave of the future?

I want that but I’m too lazy




I do not know of any dessert-specific delivery services, but most restaurants that deliver will obvs deliver their desserts too, and many have at least a chocolate cake of some sort on their menu. Here’s a pro tip: order dessert whenever you order food delivery, don’t just settle for the free fortune cookie – it will help you meet the minimum delivery amount, and even if you’re not really feeling like dessert when you order, you’ll be happy to forget/remember that you have dessert for later.

Here are two good food delivery sites that serve most major cities and will send you coupons off future orders:


Re: food trucks: the future is now. You can find trucks specializing in just about anything – not just ice cream or late-night tacos. I suggest you search/follow your fave trucks on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep track of their schedules. They won’t deliver to your front door, but they might just be parked right around the corner, or they could be gathered together for a food truck fest! Jackpot!!!

Here are some good ones to follow, depending on your city:

Los Angeles
Coolhaus – ice cream sandwiches served in edible wrappers!
Crème Caramel – custards, bread puddings, a whole bunch more
Carmela – artisinal/seasonal ice creams and sorbets

New York
The Treats Truck – cookies, brownies, dessert nachos (also non-desserty grilled cheese)
Big Gay Ice Cream – old school soft serve done up with crazy toppings

Bold City Pops – ice pops featuring whatever’s in season (Jacksonville)

Flirty Cupcakes – cupcakes, duh!
The Doughnut Vault – hot donuts until they run out
Pleasant House Bakery – British sweets (and savories) like sticky toffee pudding, treacle tart and banoffee pie

Don’t gotta gotta get up to get down,
Dessert Oasis

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