Is it a cookie? Is it a cheesecake? Who knows….. IT IS PERFECTION.

A combo of chongos zamoranos and a citrusy goat cheese cream topped with a cherry or a blueberry or whatever’s seasonal, Loba Pastry‘s lil cookie concoction is a chewy buttery not-too-sweet cheesy almost-nutty dream. Kinda like a suped up corner blondie.

They had 4 left when I stopped in, and really I should have gotten all 4. But I’m so nice I left some for you! Better call ahead to be sure they’re still there.



best peanut butter cookie


Well I just blasphemously threw out the last slice of a New Year’s ricotta cheesecake pie and already ate the save-the-worst-for-last plain butter cream filled bonbons in the box, so where else can I turn but to my local bakery to help me through this ordinary Thursday afternoon?

Thank goodness Mirabelle Fine Pastries is a haven of crispy-edged, chewy-centered big cookies and layer upon flaky layer of pastry-filled cases. Their peanut butter cookie is my all-time FAVORITE peanut butter cookie, but on this afternoon they were (unsurprisingly) sold out and I had to “settle” for an orange vanilla chip cookie with a side of palmier. Just look at those hypnotic sugary, buttery swirls overpowering any thought of a New Year’s resolution…… but really, the peanut butter cookie – HUGE. Slightly crisp edges, chewy center. Dusted in sugar. Hint of salt. Get it. (*call ahead and get it)


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Oh my, Oh My!


Oh my.

The Oh My! Caramel Pie from Beatrix is aptly named. (also printing ‘holy shit’ in the menu would not be classy)

It is a huge wedge accompanied by an equally enormous “dollop” of fresh whipped cream. It is rich and smooth, sweet and subtly burnt – like the flavor from the top of a crème brûlée was fused into the custard part of the crème brûlée then stiffened up to make a tall slice – able to hold its own, but backed by a barely-there shortbread crust.

It is a pie to save room for. To linger with conversation over. That tricks you into thinking you’ll never finish and you should just take it home and have it for breakfast, but then, oh my, it’s somehow disappeared.

*and i’ll be coming back for: fluffy angel food muffins and just-asking-for-a-photo-shoot emoji cookies.

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dessert parade at The Park

The Park Restaurant has a burger night every Wednesday. The burgers are delicious. But burgers schmurgers, I go for the desserts. Walk in the door and canisters of freshly baked treats, concocted by the delicious mind of pastry wizard Dakota Bertrand, are waiting to greet you!!!

Though the burgers are customizable with gruyere, aioli, bacon, fried eggs, avocado, crispy onions (oh man oh man!), don’t be a fool and stuff yourself. Be a pro and keep a space for dessert! As decadent and rich as these appear (and are), they are surprisingly light and (not surprisingly) sharable, so just do it and thank me later.

photo 1

* Chocolate tart with oatmeal cookie crust, apricot sauce and a roasted, candied hazelnut – the apricot sauce ties this tart to the summer season and a hidden layer of milk custard cuts through the smooth, dense ganache. I will lick the plate/I did lick the plate clean.

photo 2

* Peanut butter sandwich cookie – these are the lightest, butteriest peanut butter cookies ever to cross your path, and they are held together with the whippiest, creamiest peanut butter. You can fit a few bites into your full stomach, I promise. I tested this theory. And you can get another for the road.

photo 3

* A little baby tres leches cake with fresh strawberries – this one is a no-brainer. It is the perfect size, it is the perfect sweetness, there are the perfect amount of strawberries to go with each bite, and then it’s over and you’ll probably want another.

photo 4

* Butterscotch budino with a molasses ginger cookie and a side of salt caramel – Budino is the cousin of pudding and pot de creme, and this one is rich and creamy with a slightly burnt, not-too-sweet butterscotch flavor making it easy to go back for another and another spoonful. Add to that the chewy, spicy, sugared ginger molasses cookie and a twist of the caramel that you saw when you first walked in the door (I know you saw them) and have hence been thinking about for the past 2 hours (I know how your brain works), and you’re all set. Forget about the unforgiving wax paper and just dive in. Extra napkins will be provided.

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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

photo 1

Just a quick note to wish you all a Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! This crispy-edged, gooey-centered delight brought to you by Coffee Commissary, where they use both milk chocolate and semisweet chocolate in their cookies, and teach you Hollywood history in their bathroom:

photo 2photo 3

PS: sorry I missed National Apple Pie day earlier this week, but what do you think I do? Sit around eating dessert all day??! (side note: I made my family call me “Apple Pie” for about a year when I was 3 and wouldn’t respond to anything else.)