Polka Dot Perfection

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Polka Dot Pie.

Like a cheesecake made into a pie. But with a hint of espresso. And a swirl of marzipan. And dots of dark chocolate. So basically a creamy, nutty, just-rich-enough slice that pairs perfectly with a huge cup of coffee. Like even if you don’t really want any pie (me, never), you take one liiiiitle bite of this pie and then, whoops, it’s gone because yes, you want this pie.

Reliably always on the menu at First Slice Pie Cafe. Praise be.





Why have I never tried this sweet baby angel cousin of Ferrero Rocher until JUST NOW?? Was it the grandmaesque packaging reminiscent of sofa slipcovers? The fact that they were omnipresent next to checkout line Whitman’s? Whatever the reason, today (and every day) I needed to treat myself, so I bought a box of 15 and am now down to 4.

F.R. calls the Raffaello “ a surprising taste experience,” and I 10,000% agree. This is coconut dreams come true. This is heaven. And it’s available at Walgreens.

Happy National Rocky Road Day!


In my excitement over the impending National Donut Day/Week (I mean, come on), I almost forgot all about National Rocky Road Day! Close call…..whew! So what better way to celebrate this national very important holiday falling within this national very important holiday week than with a rocky road donut??

Presenting the icdc rocky road donut: old fashioned fresh out of the fryer crispy on the outside cloudlike cake on the inside donut, with housemade marshmallows, housetoasted almonds, housedrizzled chocolate. This donut is so good it’s almost as dangerous as a rocky road.

(ps: make sure your hands are clean before you eat this delight, because you will be licking your fingers like a cat with grooming ocd afterwards. you’ve been warned.)

Best Wedding Cake in Chicago


Wedding anniversary!

The best thing One of the best things about getting married is cake tasting. I really draaaaagged out that decision/process.

After visiting as many Chicago bakeries/cake shops as I could, I decided on Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park, and would recommend them to anyone getting married (or just pretending to so they can taste cakes!). They used the freshest ingredients and were the most accommodating to my vision, providing all the cake/filling/frosting combos I requested with no pressure to go the route of buttercream.

Final result? Almond cake layered with fresh lemon curd covered in dark chocolate ganache with candied lemon peel on top. A cake that looked like you wanted to eat it – not like some plastic fondant toy. A cake so good that the caterers ran off with the leftovers.  True story.

If only they would ship a mini remake to LA each year for our anniversary……