Supermarket Desserts

Dessert Oasis:

Question 1: Favorite supermarket desserts?

Question 2: Do the colors of the frosting affect the taste?

Anxiously refreshing your blog waiting for your next post,


Dear Hans,

Answer 1: Angel food cake in those plastic bundt pans.  I’ll eat the whole thing because if you squish it down, it only really amounts to a single slice.  (obvs nothing beats a homemade angel food cake with dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries tho).  If Whole Foods counts as a supermarket, I love their gingerbread cake and thank god they sell it year round, not just during Christmas time.

Answer 2: At a good bakery, dye used in frosting shouldn’t affect the taste. Now you get some junky grocery store cupcakes dyed orange and blue for a Bears game, and that’s another story.  Tastes like sugary paint.

Angelically yours,
Dessert Oasis

photo 1photo 2


English tea in LA?

Afternoon tea?
Dear Dessert Oasis
Since you bring up the subject of afternoon tea, as an ex-pat, I am always looking for the British dessert experience in LA – any recommendations?


Dear Richard,

As much as I love a formal high tea, I have to admit that my Los Angeles tea list includes more need-to-go-stills than have-been-alreadies.  See list as follows:

Have been already:

1. The Rose Garden Tea Room at Huntington Gardens – lovely space surrounded by the most extensive rose “library” in the world.  Tea is buffet style – so not extraextra classy, but can pile your plate up extraextra high.

2. The Getty Villa – unfortunately sub-par as far as their high tea is concerned. Dry sandwiches and a surprisingly lacking view.  Shame.

Need to go still:

1. The Langham

2. Rose Tree Cottage

3. Jin Patisserie – (not an English tea exactly as it has more of an Asian fusion vibe)

Have eaten but not actually attended:

1. All the pastries from tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  All delicious.

As for tea times in Chicago or even NYC, that is a different story, but alas, that was not your question!


It’s 4 o’clock somewhere,
Dessert Oasis


proper scone eating

Scone (as in “it’s gone”) or Scone (as in ice cream cone)

Dear Dessert Oasis

When having high tea with scones, which do you put on first – the jam or the cream?




Dear Richard,

Being from Chicago, I pronounce “scone” as in “ice cream cone” – yum!

Though I have been loving and attending high tea since an early age, I am not sure of the actual etiquette regarding jam vs. clotted cream.  I always put the jam on first followed by the cream.  Reason why: if the jam soaks into the warm scone, it is like a pie (topped with whipped cream), whereas if clotted cream soaks into the scone, I think it would be like soggy cereal, which would not be ideal.

Thanks for asking……… is it tea time yet??!

Pinkies raised,
Dessert Oasis

PS: here is a photo of me researching scone consumption at the Brown’s Hotel in London circa 1991:



must-have pies?

Dear Dessert Oasis,

What are the must have pies (and their available locations) to eat on this Pi Day? Specifically in or near Los Angeles for practical concerns, but please do tell if there are any other important pies to know about worldwide.

Also, are you celebrating Pi Day by making pie?

Yours Truly,

(I’m hoping to read the answer on your blog if you have time?) im not actually leaving the house today probably because of the LA marathon. But I really was curious.

Dear Anne-Louise,

I am currently debating whether to go to Pie Hole or Pie’n Burger to celebrate this Pi Day. I am not baking any pies today bc it’s too f-ing hot.

Some must-have pies:

1. any cherry pie from Door County, Wisconsin.

2. the strawberry-rhubarb pie from Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner (in Yermo, CA – a MUST stop-off when driving to/from LA to Vegas)

3. the peach pie from March Farms in Bethlehem, CT.  (you can also pick your own peaches, apples and blueberries there, and they taste like the best peaches, apples and blueberries you have ever eaten. )

4. the apple pie from Apple Annie’s in Oak Glen, CA.  (photos below, but you really must see this yourself to believe it.  also while in Oak Glen, be sure to get the apple cider donuts from Snow-Line Orchard)

Thanks for reading, and happy pie-ing!!
Dessert Oasis

PS: isn’t the marathon tomorrow??




Have a dessert question?  Email me at courtneysconza@gmail.com – from funnel cakes to fondue fountains, if it has sugar, I’ve probably eaten it. 


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