WLW: Goldenrod Pastries


It has recently come to my attention that Nebraska has more than just corn and cornhuskers. Gone are the days of just passing through, because about two years ago a baking blog became an actual bakery, and Goldenrod Pastries became a reason to stop in Lincoln.


Basically, it looks like they have it all. Cardamom or lavender poundcake, sour cherry or honey turmeric macarons, lemon curd or rhubarb crumble buns, lime sherbet or raspberry rose or peanut butter/cashew brittle cupcakes, turtle cheesecake made with goat’s milk caramel and local pecans, cosmic brownies with fancy sprinkles. Dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, whatever dietary situation you endure, you will not be restricted here. And whatever you want to write on a custom cake, you will not be restricted either.


I generally like a wandering road trip where I have the ability to stop and see the world’s largest ball of twine or pick blueberries at a roadside farm. But the next time I’m making a cross-country trip, I’ll have to be a bit more precise with my schedule. Because I either need to call ahead for my custom cake order (prob a reasonable 6″ round confetti cake with mocha frosting, fresh fruit and glitter that says HERE FOR IT) and/or stay at least a night in ol’ Nebrasky in order to maximize the quantity of pastries I’ll be able to put away. I mean, really, f a Sbarro’s oasis and canisters of Pringles. Imma need some fancy fuel to keep me awake and happy on my next car trip through the plains. And this colorful, crazy, sassy bakery has now been added to my road atlas.


*all photos by: @goldenrodpastries


WLW: Amsterdam Apple Pie


When last I was in Amsterdam, I was not on the hunt for desserts. (I was on the hunt for Van Gogh paintings which just so happened to be on loan to the Art Institute of Chicago – of allllll places.) When next I am in Amsterdam, desserts will be high on the priority list. (namely, a very specific apple pie, and no, “high on the list” pun not intended)

The Dutch are ABOUT their apple pies. You will find some version of appeltaart on every bakery and cafe menu. They are served in large portions, and are of the deep dish variety, so how do you avoid getting stuffed on subpar slices while seeking out the best? I’m here to point you in the right (and only) direction you’ll need. #imthenewricksteves

In the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam you will find Winkel 43, a cafe with a reputation for having the best apple tart. You guys, this is not a “world’s best coffee” situation where claims are thrown about willy-nilly. Literally EVERY review on EVERY place anyone could ever leave a review backs this up. The crust is sweet, crumbly, crunchy, thick but soft, pressed instead of rolled into a springform pan, and then filled with spiced apples (firmer than those in American apple pie). The result is something you dream about even if you’ve never actually eaten it. I can taste it now…….

Further support that this is the truly the best when I’ve yet to even taste it: How many other singular desserts – I’m talking one specific dessert from one specific restaurant – have had their own IG account created??



*photos by: @gijskeadrienne and @juliezwing

WLW: Daily Chico (or at least once-in-a-lifetime Chico)


Warmer weather is right around the corner and has got me in the ice cream state of mind (more so than usual). Unforch, Daily Chico isn’t quite around the corner for me. To be precise, it is on the other side of the globe hidden away on the basement level of a huge shopping mall in the Nakano area of Tokyo (Nakano Broadway – known more for anime shops than ice cream…..maybe the perfect location for this cartoony cone??)

This towering pile plays right into the Japanese (my) obsession with multi-layered, multi-colored, multi-flavored concoctions. File under: #ediblerainbows. File under: #iwant. For about $4.50, you can pick eight flavors of soft-serve to stack up. (they also have lower height/fewer flavor options, but you came all the way here so go big or, literally, get on a subway then on a plane and go home)


Flavors to choose from include: strawberry, coffee, vanilla, hokkaido milk, chocolate, cassis, black sesame, yuzu, matcha, sweet potato, banana, grape, green apple, caramel, cantaloupe, soda/ramune (that’s the blue one, and it’s somehow fizzy!!)

*the plan (aside from the unreserved happy dance/eating) is to take a frame-worthy pic so be a pro and don’t just order a bunch of dumpy brown and beige flavors.

*also they have a sign up that says they’re not obligated to replace your cone if you drop it on the floor, so avoid tragedy and consume with caution.


*photos by: @akinanniversary, @cocoaaaaa, @hungrynyc


WLW: Glazed and Confused


In an alternate universe where wish lists came true, I’d be on a beach in sunny Australia watching kangaroo surfers instead of on a couch in wintery Midwest watching the snow pile up (3 inches and counting. ps: it was 61 degrees yesterday). Also in this alternate universe, I’d wear donuts in my hair à la fascinators bc JUST LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!:


These most gorgeous donuts ever are the creation of Glazed & Confused, a small batch handmade from scratch donut operation in Perth, Australia. Often topped with edible flowers, fruits, and GLITTER, they can be found at local markets and cafes or hired out for events, and a few words re: please-open-a-brick-and-mortar will be mentioned in my prayers until said words take effect.

Flavors change monthly, but here are some irl concoctions to make you even sadder you’re not in Perth rn:

cherry almond pavlova
golden turmeric latte
grapefruit elderflower
crushed mulberry
Dr. Pepper
peanut butter & sea salt
speculoos & stroop

Tears turning into icicles as I type…..


*photos by @glazedandconfusedonuts

WLW: Totti Candy Factory


Come with me on my journey to visit (and consume) the 8th Wonder of the World: Totti Candy Factory‘s wataame (that means “cotton candy” in Japanese).

It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Described by some as “umbrella sized” and by others as “3 times the size of your face,” everyone agrees it is GIANT.

Each layer is a different flavor: pink is strawberry, blue is Hawaii. Hey, if purple drink can be a flavor, than who am I to question Hawaii as a flavor? What are the other flavors? Possibly watermelon, possibly “cold sweet.” Who knows. I want one.

Where do I get it? In the Harajuku district of Tokyo. With all these crowded streets, how will I even find the Totti shop? Just look for the enormous rainbow sugar clouds floating down the street. Really. This is the actual advice on how to get there.

Pro-tip: bring some fancy Japanese moist towelettes for post-faceplant clean up.


*photo by @naxiy

WLW: Stohrer


Ah Paris – city of light, city of love, city of 10000000 cafes and 10000000 pastries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a place famous for its fancy pastry. I find it helps to go in with one main focus (and then add on one or three more things to round it out).

And so: Stohrer. Known as “la plus ancienne pâtisserie de Paris” (translation: the oldest pastry shop in Paris), and recognized as the birthplace of the Baba au Rhum (translation: rum baba), it’s been around since 1730 (translation: it’s 287 years old). *ULTIMATE TRANSLATION: I need to get there/why haven’t I been there already?!*

Main focus: 1. Baba au Rhum (a richer than brioche shell soaked in boozy/rummy syrup filled with pastry cream topped with candied fruit)

Things to round it out:
2. Baba Chantilly (like a Baba au Rhum, but garnished with Chantilly cream and fresh fruit)
3. Puit d’amour (“well of love” – basically a crème brûlée in a flaky pastry shell)
4. something else, anything else, because a box and my stomach both hold 4 things so nicely.



*photos by @nogarlicnoonions, @lasrecetasdemj, @newyork808

WLW: Fatties Bakery


Number 1) how do you not love that name??! It just speaks to me. It’s like, we’re not f-ing around here, we’re callin’ em as we sees em. Number 2) good thing I love the name, bc if I lived in London, Fattie would also be my new nickname based entirely on my new physique thanks to Fatties Bakery. (Fattie with an “ie” not a “y.”  A “y” is so slumpy, an “ie” is like Hattie, someone you’d invite to tea).

This week’s Wish List Wednesday: Fatties Bakery. A bakery with one main ingredient: salted caramel. Whether individually wrapped in morsels, generously sandwiched between cookies, hidden in pockets within brownies, oozing over the top of a bundt in lieu of frosting, or transmitted directly to your bloodstream via IV (jk, jk, but maybe??), salted caramel is the main attraction.

Fatties’ creations are only sold at various markets and pop-ups around London, such as the Druid Street Market (every Saturday from 10am – 4pm). And when next I’ve popped over to Londontowne, you’ll be sure to catch me there. What will I be eating? Definitely tahini caramel/Valrhona chocolate cookie sandwiches. DEFINITELY. Also, most likely, some goldmine brownies and/or (AND) snickers cookies. To wash it all down, should I be there on a blustery day, I’ll be having a nice cup of salted caramel hot chocolate finished with a rim of piped marshmallow. And let’s face it, it’s almost always blustery in London, so I will no doubt be getting that hot chocolate.


Please someone go and eat these for me. Actually, I kinda feel like these could be shippable, so please someone go and send these to me.

*all photos by @fattiesbakery