Sunday Sundae: Flesor’s Candy Kitchen


Flesor’s Candy Kitchen. Let me repeat: CANDY. KITCHEN. Why oh why did it take me so long to visit?!?!

Established by Gus Flesor in 1901, temporarily closed in the late 1970s, and reopened by Gus’s granddaughters in 2004, I can only hope it lasts for at least 100 more years. Built around an old timey soda fountain, featuring homemade ice cream using original recipes in over 15 flavors, cases of hand-dipped chocolates, a wall of free books to peruse/take home, (a patty melt that comes with American AND Swiss cheese as the norm!), what more can you ask for??!?


My sundae featured a scoop of chocolate, a scoop of coffee, and a scoop of black walnut ice creams, topped with hot caramel and hot fudge, whole toasted pecans, whipped cream and a cherry. I’ll be coming back for a s’mores sundae. I may also be coming back to make my own concoction loaded with seasonal chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream complete with a peanut butter pudding bonbon as a topper.


What is a peanut butter pudding bonbon?? Made with a recipe purchased from some mystery man, I’d say their website sums it up pretty well: “If you like creamy peanut butter and chocolate – milk or dark – buy these squares in mass quantities. (Psst. They’re better than Reese’s, and Reese’s are pretty good.)” 100% AGREE.


Other standouts include dipped fruits, honey salted caramels, molasses chips, butter creams in interesting flavors like lemon poppy seed or cinnamon vanilla, and Paul’s Pecan Favorites (basically turtles). The chocolate is smooth and creamy, the caramel is fresh, the nuts are perfectly toasted.


Flesor’s is located in Tuscola, IL, about 5 min from the outlet mall, so I will leave you with this pro insight: mirrors at the mall are more forgiving pre-sundae.

Sunday Sundae: have it your way


When it’s 65 degrees in FEBRUARY in ILLINOIS what do you do? You get a banana split. When a traditional banana split comes with the traditional chocolate/strawberry/vanilla combo and you hate vanilla ice cream what do you do? You swap in coconut. Everyone’s happy, traditionalists are none the wiser.

(like, I am all about empty calories, but what’s the point if it doesn’t taste good? no point. and why am I paying for it if I’m not going to eat it. I’m not. take that, Vanilla. don’t even look at me.)

The perfect substitute for such a tropical afternoon – the perfect substitute any time vanilla is forced your way. Even better when the coconut ice cream is made in-house using fresh coconut.


Sunday Study Sundae


A single scoop – normal. A double scoop – hey now. A triple scoop – whoawhoawhoa. A quadruple scoop – who even does that unless you’re Napoleon via Bill and Ted??!?!? But if Jeni’s understands one thing, it’s that it’s hard to pick just one flavor. Which is why you can ask for unlimited tastes (doled out by always smiling faces), and when you order 4 scoops they call it a “study,” not a “fatfatty,” and simply ask cone/cup/cookie with that? (also they make you feel less crazy by calling their scoops “half scoops,” but who are we kidding? these are normal size)

And so for this Sunday’s breakfast, I was an ice cream academic doing full coursework on summer flavors. Having had an unusually indoored summer this year, it was lovely to run through a sprinkler, visit a farm, go to the drive-in, lay out at the Cape and run through meadows all in the span of 35min.

Watermelon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt – if Jeni’s shut down all flavor production and closed all but one shop and was just left with a little hut selling this one flavor in some off-road middle-of-nowhere town, there will still be a line out the door. It’s like childhood sour taffy but fresh and refreshing (like running through front lawn sprinklers while chasing the ice cream truck down the block).

Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries – reminds me of my summers spent on the farm….jk jk, maybe I’ve actually never been to a farm? But I did summer around a lot of corn and pick wild black raspberries when hiking in the woods, so basically this ice cream is Midwest at its best (sans mosquitoes).

Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk – if ever a strawberry milkshake could give you a hug, this is what it would be like. And then you just get a blanket in the backseat of some car at the drive-in and get down to business.

Lemon and Blueberries Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt – if you’re at Jeni’s and having a hard time deciding on a scoop of the whole lemon sorbet or the ultramarine, let me give you a pro tip: get a scoop of this instead bc it’s the best of both worlds. Tart tart with sweet and jammy berry ribbons, each bite is a bright shock with a smooth, calm finish – much like the recurring cold shock of entering the freezing ocean on a boiling day.

Honorary shout out to Ylang Ylang & Fennel – who didn’t entirely match the fruity study flavor profile, but was like running through a spicy, flowery, golden summer meadow all the same.



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Sunday Sundae: National Ice Cream Day!!!


I awoke this morning all dressed up with no place to go. To be honest, I was lying in bed scrolling through pics of ice creams past and wondering where the f I would go to celebrate National Ice Cream Day since I’m in an astoundingly under-ice creamed area of the country and also it was pouring rain.

Fast forward some hours, some naps, and a movie matinee, the rain stopped and the heat returned, and I was walking into a jam-packed Marble Slab Creamery basically next to the movie theater – how convenient! Similar to a Cold Stone but with fewer locations and unlimited mix-ins, I opted for a swirl of amaretto and dark chocolate ice creams chunked up with pecans, walnuts and almonds, made into a hot fudgey waffle bowl sundae. Yassss.

Thanks to the inquiring 3yr old outside, I know that everyone else got: birthday cake, peanut butter cup/cookie dough, blueberry, strawberry and lemon. Def going back (but not tonight, even though it is a holiday… maybe I should go back tonight??!) for a blueberry/lemon combo….maybe mixed with gummy bears…..

Happy National Ice Cream Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday Melty Sundae


When your weather app says “91F but feels like 102F,” and a huge storm is rolling in, there’s only one thing to do: get a sundae with the works and scarf it down before it melts/you get cycloned away.

The “works” today = a scoop of chocolate, a scoop of Georgia peach, Jarling’s famous cold fudge, butterscotch, sliced bananas, toasted pecans, whipped cream, a cherry, and a questioning-but-not-judging look from the ice cream guy. (future tip: the Georgia peach is prob better sans all of the above, but when a tornado is looming and it might be your last sundae on Earth, you make it count….)


American Licks: edible artifacts


Less of a Sunday Sundae post and more of an ice cream PSA: if you haven’t yet “attended” your local Jeni’s for a “viewing” of the American Licks Collection, GET THERE NOW!

From January 29 (sorry you missed it) until March 31 (there’s still time!), all Jeni’s shops are scooping an inspired new ice cream collection, American Licks: Ice Cream as a Living Artifact. They’ll still have their regular flavors too, but they’ve added a dash of history along with a dose of souvenir swag. What’s on display? Six old-timey, classic flavors reimagined and better than ever!


With so many crazy concoctions and weird should-that-really-be-an-ice-cream flavors competing to be your next IG post, Jeni’s is taking it back to the beginning. Rechurning the flavors that made us love ice cream to begin with. But you know how sometimes you remember a treat from your past as being the greatest thing ever and then after all these years of fond build up you finally have it again and, well, it’s gross? (I’m looking at you bubble gum ice cream….) Jeni’s has taken this into consideration, and has made the American Licks flavors as you ‘remember’ them…. meaning they have made versions that are better than they ever actually were/are in keeping with your very best memories (hence cookies & cream is not just taking some old vanilla and throwing in stale Oreos).

Jeni smartly opted not to remake bubble gum ice cream, but instead has chosen the following six quintessential flavors:

candied ginger – circa before 1865, made with ginger cream and bits of sugared ginger and colored with beet (to look like the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. ginger x 3!!)

orange sherbet – made using the juice, pith and zest of the orange with a dash of cream – you can pretend it’s in a metal bowl or in push-up pop form….. whichever lends itself best to your memory.

green mint chip – why does green taste mintier than white? who knows, it just does, so the peppermint cream was swirled with just enough organic spirulina to give it color and then 50% cocoa chips were added.

black & white cookies – cookies: the first ice cream mix in! but instead of a pre-packaged 1970’s instant icy bowl, this version is made using house-made chocolate cookies, specks of white chocolate instead of sugar paste, and vanilla-scented cream. so there.

pralines & cream – ice cream and nuts and more sugar just makes sense. that’s why people have been adding sugared nuts as ice cream toppings for over 100 yrs. now how about cinnamon sugar nuts and blackstrap molasses with caramelized cream? makes sense to me!

cherries jubilee – you weren’t around when this was first invented (in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee), and you probably didn’t order this as a child (boozy cherries? no thanks, i’ll take moose tracks with sprinkles and gummy bears), but frankly, right now, what sounds better than brandy ice cream studded with jammy Luxardo Maraschino cherries? answer: nothing. nothing sounds better.

Oh! You read all the way to the end?? You’re still here?? Get to Jeni’s now!!!!! (or order pints online!!!!!!!!!!!!!)