Mr. Holmes: get baked, get messy, get it


A new Mr. Holmes just opened in Larchmont. Really. This is real life. Two Holmes’ in LA! Considered yourself #blessed. You now live in a reality where you can eat your weight in sprouted probiotic brown rice topped with adzuki beans and sea vegetables, and a mere 5 min walk later find yourself covered in pastry cream and laminated flakes. #whatatimetobealive

Whether you’re in Larchmont, Highland Park, San Fran, the OC, or Seoul, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse should definitely be a stopping point to pick up a box of all things pastry. The hype is to be believed. Croissants, donuts, danishes, cookies, and the all-famous cruffin.


Some flavors are always (like the Churro Croissant filled with dulce de leche and dusted with cinn sug, or the California Croissant filled with smoked salmon, wasabi, ginger, sesame and served with a packet of soy sauce – decidedly not desserty but GET IT). Some flavors change daily (upcoming June standouts include: root beer float cruffins, horchata cruffins, grilled nectarine and rosemary jam donuts, caraway/coffee/fig donuts). On the day I visited, Arnold Palmer cruffins and strawberry rose donuts were obv menu choices.


There is no denying that Mr. Holmes is IG heaven. Beautiful pastries, neon signs, lettered tiling, rows upon rows of freshly baked goods…..


…..but let’s be real. As in: real life is more than a highlight reel of perfect snaps. I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that this is what Mr. Holmes actually looks like once the feasting has begun:


And this is the work of a well-seasoned professional! So let me throw a few crumbs of Holmesy wisdom your way to help get you up to speed: 1) let the staff cut your treats in half for you – they know what’s up. 2) gather lots of napkins. 3) go in with clean hands – you don’t want to be licking who knows what along with cascading cream. 4) own it – channel your inner Mrs. Teevee palming that whipped creamy mushroom in Wonka’s candy room.




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