Ipsento: when you just need a lil something with your coffee


Ipsento’s focus is coffee. Let’s get that straight. But, of course, I came for the donuts (as well as the namesake spicy honey Ipsento latte, aaaand also a rose cardamom latte……)

The donut program has been recently relaunched after months of perfecting, well, everything, with an exacting focus on quality and consistency. The donuts are made daily until about 2pm and use in-house milled kamut and sweet potato as the donut batter. They are then fried in organic coconut oil before whatever rotating glaze and garnishes are added.


Bottom line: they’re delicious and since they’re made with these unique ingredients you can eat several (SO MANY) without having to then slug home to wallow in your overserved donut disgustingness. Why else can you eat so many?? Um, because they’re about the size of a half dollar.



I seriously had to fight my inner 6yr old to not take the box home and have a Cabbage Patch tea party. I mean, come on:


Today’s flavors included: cinnamon sugar, Ipsento (honey, espresso, coconut with a hint of cayenne), chocolate ganache with sprinkles, and chocolate ganache with pistachios.

Also, they serve booze. Also, they are next to the 606.


Ipsento Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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