will drive for treats



I would walk drive 500 70 miles, and I would walk drive 500 70 more (bc round-trip)……

Yesterday I drove allllll the way to Atlanta (Illinois) in search of pie. I found it in a little retro cafe that dates back to 1934, is right off of Route 66, and is across the street from this gem:


Though the town of Atlanta doesn’t quite boast the heavy traffic of its yesteryear, the Palms Grill Cafe was completely full at 1:45 on a Sunday afternoon. After sitting down, waving away the need for a menu (“I came for the pie” “Of course, you can’t come here and NOT get the pie!”), and settling the matter of “You want these *your order of 3 slices of pie* boxed up to go or warmed up with ice cream?”, I cleared the way for the heavy green-striped ceramic china and settled in.

On today’s made-from-scratch-award-winning pie menu was:


I opted for cherry (perfectly tart with a flaky sugared crust!), blackberry (with whole, fresh blackberries!), and chocolate cream (light, whipped chocolate cream mousse, not sweetiesweet french silk – basically the best case scenario if you were to have a pie-to-the-face à la Three Stooges), and a cup of coffee to wash it all down. The adjacent table tried to take a sneaky pic of me with this collection, and I’m fairly certain I made it into their Route 66 spring break photo album….


Driving home, via backroads for as long as possible, I happened upon a town called Funk’s Grove and obvs had to check it out. I mean, come on: Funk’s Grove. What’s there besides a dilapidated train station and an antiques shop that have gone the way of ghost town status? A little maple sirup grove that has been in production by the same family (the Funks) since 1824. 1824!! That’s no typo and neither is “sirup.” Sirup is the preferred oldtimey spelling by Webster’s when you’re referring to the product that results from the boiling down of sap, without the addition of extra sugar (and that’s what we’re referring to here – you won’t even find an ingredients list on the bottle, because sirup.)




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