Polar dream realized – or am I still dreaming???


If you currently live on the East Coast, you probably do not have this problem as you can find and drink Polar wherever/whenever. If you used to live on the East Coast but have moved away, you probably feel my pain and are fiending just like me.

Vanilla Polar. Ambrosia to the sparkling water gods. There is no comparison. LaCroix doesn’t have a vanilla option – I’ve searched, I’ve written letters – you know I have. Like cream soda but without the syrupy sugaryness, this bottle of heaven might be one of three things I’d choose to take with me on a desert island…….Vanilla Polar drunk out of a coconut?!?!?  No need for SOS flares here!

When I left Connecticut in 2009, I knew this might be a problem, but I never guessed it would be this crazy. Crazy as in: I dream (frequently) that I still live in CT, and in my dreams my main goal is to get to Stop & Shop so I can stock up on Vanilla Polar. For real. Like at least once a month.

In this day and age of instant gratification and online shopping, who knew that this little-seltzer-that-could would be so difficult to find and so expensive to ship?? It is not sold in stores outside of New England. It costs upwards of $12 for two 1-liter bottles and another $18 for shipping on Amazon. F that.

So imagine my elation when I awoke this weekend after yet another Polar dream, and went searching AGAIN (just to be sure it was still impossible to procure), and stumbled upon Boxed.com where they were selling 12 packs of 1-liter bottles for $9.99. NINENINETYNINE AND FREE SHIPPING. IS THIS REAL LIFE????

I did you all a favor and only bought 2 cases – for now – didn’t want to dry them out in case you’re in my same predicament/want to buy me a late bday prezzie. Also, here is a link for $15 off your purchase.

Dream update: it has been 1.5 days since my shipment arrived. I’ve had one nap and one full night’s sleep and another Polar dream. Or let me call it what it was: a nightmare. I dreamed that my shipment arrived and one case was all good. 12 bottles of beautiful vanilla bubbles. The second case, however, was a mistaken mixed bag: 2 bottles of vanilla – fine fine, then one of cranberry, one of lime, one of Trinity Berry??!?, one of vinegar flavor, and one of “dip” flavored seltzer illustrated with a cartoon hand holding a ruffled potato ship. Barf.



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