WLW: Daily Chico (or at least once-in-a-lifetime Chico)


Warmer weather is right around the corner and has got me in the ice cream state of mind (more so than usual). Unforch, Daily Chico isn’t quite around the corner for me. To be precise, it is on the other side of the globe hidden away on the basement level of a huge shopping mall in the Nakano area of Tokyo (Nakano Broadway – known more for anime shops than ice cream…..maybe the perfect location for this cartoony cone??)

This towering pile plays right into the Japanese (my) obsession with multi-layered, multi-colored, multi-flavored concoctions. File under: #ediblerainbows. File under: #iwant. For about $4.50, you can pick eight flavors of soft-serve to stack up. (they also have lower height/fewer flavor options, but you came all the way here so go big or, literally, get on a subway then on a plane and go home)


Flavors to choose from include: strawberry, coffee, vanilla, hokkaido milk, chocolate, cassis, black sesame, yuzu, matcha, sweet potato, banana, grape, green apple, caramel, cantaloupe, soda/ramune (that’s the blue one, and it’s somehow fizzy!!)

*the plan (aside from the unreserved happy dance/eating) is to take a frame-worthy pic so be a pro and don’t just order a bunch of dumpy brown and beige flavors.

*also they have a sign up that says they’re not obligated to replace your cone if you drop it on the floor, so avoid tragedy and consume with caution.


*photos by: @akinanniversary, @cocoaaaaa, @hungrynyc



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