Pi(e) Day Preparedness



Welcome to Pi(e) Day 2017 – when one side the country is 80 degrees and the other side is hosting an unwelcome snowy guest named Stella. Are you prepared? Do you know where your closest source of pie is located???!?

Before you rush out the door to fight traffic and/or blizzard trudging across town in search of your piece, relaxxxx. A perfect slice is prob just around the corner! Though I am 1110% in support of artisanal pie shops promoting today with mini pies, hand pies, 40 different flavors of pie, and slices for $3.14 (and of course I have traveled many a mile to procure all of the above), today let’s not overlook the humble neighborhood cafe.

Quietly holding down the fort for so many decades, always there to provide you with a late night patty melt, an early morning hot cup of coffee, or an anytimeofday slice of pie. I mean, really, pie is always on that menu. A corner cafe doesn’t overthink it, a corner cafe simply gives you something to put in your pie hole. And maybe I’m #blessed, bc my “corner cafe,” The Courier Cafe, makes excellent pies every day of the year.


So as I sit here enjoying a slice of tropical coconut cream alongside a slice of cozy bumbleberry, gazing out the window at daffodils peeking up through snowdrifts, let me leave you with some Pi(e) Day tips:

  1. call ahead. cafe or pie shop, #1: is your destination open?, and #2: do they still have pie? I mean, how disappointing if they’re closed, and even worse if you get there and they’re sold out….
  2. can they put a slice on hold for you? or do they deliver/use a delivery service? just asking, just asking! just weighing the options!
  3. dress for success: whether you are leaving your house or not, today is a day to wear stretchy pants

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