all aboard the pastry board!


Is Friday too soon to start thinking about upcoming Sunday brunch? Of course not. Same as Friday is also not too late to still be thinking about past Sunday’s brunch. Especially if brunch involves a PASTRY BOARD.

Not for the gluten-weak, this tray makes an appearance at Owen & Engine on Sundays only. Come hungry. Bring an assistant well-studied in the field of eating pastry. An assistant when presented with the choice of 3 or 5 pastries just rolls their eyes before a shadow of fear comes across their face as they count to make sure 5 includes everything on the pastry menu. (It does. Crisis averted.)

Baked in-house using locally sourced ingredients, the pastry board gets a makeover every week. The cinnamon roll and popovers are standard (if such a humdrum adjective can even be applied….gonna say that anything with foie-sting is decidedly NOT “standard”), but all other offerings change – more of a reason to become a brunching regular!

On our board:
cinnamon roll with either cream cheese or foie gras icing
herb popovers with parsley, oregano, tarragon
caramelized onion, spinach, bleu cheese puff pastry
blueberry glazed doughnut with lemon curd and citrus meringue
cinnamon maple pecan coffee cake
(served with raspberry house preserves and Nordic Creamery salted butter)

On boards past:
stout tiramisu doughnut
morning glory muffin
banana chocolate hand pie
pineapple matcha financier
olive goat cheese croissant
chocolate egg nog cream puff
walnut palmier
gruyere fig quick bread
bleu cheese date bacon bialy
lemon danish
(the list could go on FOREVER)


*meats are cured in-house as well, and so, not pictured: scotch egg and salt beef hash.

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