Sunday Fundae Sundae


Listen: I will follow wherever the desserts will lead, and sometimes they lead to a slick industrial chic glass box structure in Old Town blasting top 40 hits, and the place is called SteakBar, and you’re like “Where the f am I??,” but you go in even though you don’t want steak or a bar at 1pm, because you know there’s a sundae hidden away in there somewhere and, ok, maybe a bar wouldn’t hurt. #YOLO #iactuallysaidYOLOoutloud

“Do you have a reservation?” – no, but lemme get a seat by the window.

“We have Coors light and well cocktails on special.” – no, lemme get some prosecco.

“Here are our brunch and lunch menus.” – no need for menus, I came for the sundae. let’s get this party started.

THE SUNDAE: a dazzling DIY 3 scoop banana split that arrives with a flaming sparkler – in case you forgot that a sundae of this magnitude is definite cause for a celebration. The scoops are a blank slate for whatever your sugary little heart desires: hot fudge, caramel sauce, marshmallows, Nilla wafers, crushed Butterfinger, dark chocolate chunks, sprinkles, Oreos, gummy bears, M&Ms, chopped Twix, toasted coconut, peanut butter cups, Junior Mints. Throw it all on at once, or jazz it up bite by bite.

So, you can eat this like a regular sundae, or you can customize each spoonful, or you can get crafty and really take it to the next level – like maybe make some mini ice cream sandwiches with those Nilla wafers and roll em in sprinkles,


or if the moodsugarprosecco strikes, maybe you go ahead and create a full-on spectacle featuring a gummy bear dance party (you’ll want to click thru for feature-length video):


Whatever path you choose, I guarantee 1) this sundae will not disappoint, and 2) you will inspire the Coors light-ers to live their best life.

SteakBar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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