WLW: Glazed and Confused


In an alternate universe where wish lists came true, I’d be on a beach in sunny Australia watching kangaroo surfers instead of on a couch in wintery Midwest watching the snow pile up (3 inches and counting. ps: it was 61 degrees yesterday). Also in this alternate universe, I’d wear donuts in my hair à la fascinators bc JUST LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!:


These most gorgeous donuts ever are the creation of Glazed & Confused, a small batch handmade from scratch donut operation in Perth, Australia. Often topped with edible flowers, fruits, and GLITTER, they can be found at local markets and cafes or hired out for events, and a few words re: please-open-a-brick-and-mortar will be mentioned in my prayers until said words take effect.

Flavors change monthly, but here are some irl concoctions to make you even sadder you’re not in Perth rn:

cherry almond pavlova
golden turmeric latte
grapefruit elderflower
crushed mulberry
Dr. Pepper
peanut butter & sea salt
speculoos & stroop

Tears turning into icicles as I type…..


*photos by @glazedandconfusedonuts

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