XO Marshmallow


Today is National Hot Chocolate Day. It’s a day – really. Now let me ask you: will you be celebrating with a sad little packet of chocolate flavored powder and freeze-dried mini marshmallows like an unfortunate cocoa peasant?? Or will you be honoring this day with a crown/halo fit for a chocolate king/queen/mug??!

Thanks to XO Marshmallow, my answer? See above.

I first encountered XO at a pop-up booth this fall. It was a hot day, and honestly a marshmallow sample didn’t sound too appetizing – I was more in the mood for a lemon ice slushie shake up thing. But how do you say no to a dessert handout? You don’t. Instead I said yes to a sample of three different marshmallow flavors: coffee kahlua, pumpkin, and root beer float. All super light and fluffy – not too gelatinous or chewy like some homemade marshmallows can be – and the flavors nailed it. These were the loveliest marshmallows I have ever tried. So lovely, in fact, that I sought out their Kickstarter campaign putting my money where my mouth is.

No eggs, no preservatives, no high-fructose nonsense, and as you’ve seen, these marshmallows don’t just come in your typical marshy chunk. Several flavors are offered in mars’halos – a “halo” of marshmallow made to fit perfectly atop your cup of cocoa. A bit of gooey marshmallow with every sip? Brilllllliant.

XO doesn’t stop at traditionalist flavors like vanilla, salted caramel and peppermint, they get boozy with bourbon, champagne and red wine (WHAT??!?!!), and keep pushing with combos like mango habanero, lavender honey and rose – their newest addition, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

XO Marshmallow has pop-up shops in and around Chicago, or you can visit their Etsy shop to get your fix.

*pro-tip: if your mug/mars’halo fit is a little snug, snip a little hole in the side of your halo so you can more easily sip


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