Sugar by Sarah, Sugar for Courtney


Unless you’re craving yogurt raisins, carob granola, or something made using applesauce as a sweetener (just stop reading this blog right now), natural/health food stores aren’t usually your best dessert bet. But tucked away unassumingly between vegan cupcakes and gluten-free cake wedges at Strawberry Fields is Sugar by Sarah – oh Urbana and your hidden gems!! Sarah specializes in custom decorated cakes and sugar cookies and the Frenchiest French macarons this side of the Loire.


Sometimes, the macarons are so pretty you just want to dip them in shellac and wear them as a brooch. I kinda think that’s what she should start doing with any leftovers…..


Though I doubt she has much brooch inventory hanging around with flavors like strawberry mint lemon, or carrot pecan, or maple almond vanilla, or sweet basil cream filled with lime curd, or the above fig mascarpone, or the below UNICORN:




What does a unicorn taste like? Like a citrus-scented children’s bday cake WITH GLITTER. How hard was it to eat this and not shellac it instead? VERY hard. (pretty sure i said “sorry, bye” before i took my first bite) But, as a friend wisely reflected, I’d be denying it its life purpose if I left it uneaten. #someonehastodoit

New grocery list: tofu, kale, ACV, chia, macarons

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