WLW: Totti Candy Factory


Come with me on my journey to visit (and consume) the 8th Wonder of the World: Totti Candy Factory‘s wataame (that means “cotton candy” in Japanese).

It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Described by some as “umbrella sized” and by others as “3 times the size of your face,” everyone agrees it is GIANT.

Each layer is a different flavor: pink is strawberry, blue is Hawaii. Hey, if purple drink can be a flavor, than who am I to question Hawaii as a flavor? What are the other flavors? Possibly watermelon, possibly “cold sweet.” Who knows. I want one.

Where do I get it? In the Harajuku district of Tokyo. With all these crowded streets, how will I even find the Totti shop? Just look for the enormous rainbow sugar clouds floating down the street. Really. This is the actual advice on how to get there.

Pro-tip: bring some fancy Japanese moist towelettes for post-faceplant clean up.


*photo by @naxiy

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