WLW: Stohrer


Ah Paris – city of light, city of love, city of 10000000 cafes and 10000000 pastries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a place famous for its fancy pastry. I find it helps to go in with one main focus (and then add on one or three more things to round it out).

And so: Stohrer. Known as “la plus ancienne pâtisserie de Paris” (translation: the oldest pastry shop in Paris), and recognized as the birthplace of the Baba au Rhum (translation: rum baba), it’s been around since 1730 (translation: it’s 287 years old). *ULTIMATE TRANSLATION: I need to get there/why haven’t I been there already?!*

Main focus: 1. Baba au Rhum (a richer than brioche shell soaked in boozy/rummy syrup filled with pastry cream topped with candied fruit)

Things to round it out:
2. Baba Chantilly (like a Baba au Rhum, but garnished with Chantilly cream and fresh fruit)
3. Puit d’amour (“well of love” – basically a crème brûlée in a flaky pastry shell)
4. something else, anything else, because a box and my stomach both hold 4 things so nicely.



*photos by @nogarlicnoonions, @lasrecetasdemj, @newyork808

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