Molly’s cupcake mecca

I don’t really have time to or interest in watching “Cupcake Wars,” but I will make time to and I am quite interested in sampling the winning goods from “Cupcake Wars.” And so I went to Molly’s Cupcakes (since the owner is the winner of “Cupcake Wars,” in case you didn’t figure that out yet).

Molly’s Cupcakes is named after the owner’s 3rd grade teacher, Miss Molly, who used to bake cupcakes for classroom bdays. She had secret special recipes for BOTH chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. What did she do for the July birthday kids I wonder??


Special recipe chocolate and vanilla sound pretty great, but I wasn’t feeling so chocolate/vanilla basic on the day I stopped in and also Molly’s is known for their filled cupcakes. And so, as one does, I ordered: an éclair cupcake, a s’mores cupcake, a crème brûlée cupcake, and a custom banana cupcake with brown butter frosting decorated by yours truly at the sprinkles bar. Yes, they have a sprinkles bar. Yes, they do custom cake/frosting combos. They also have indoor swings and boardgames. Boom.


Naturally, I chose dinosaurs and purple sprinkles. Unnaturally, I did not play any board games bc I was solo on this dessert reporting mission.

The crème brûlée cupcake is a vanilla cake with a burnt sugar encrusted top filled with rich vanilla bean custard and decorated with fresh berries. The éclair cupcake uses the same bean flecked custard as a filling inside a cupcake-shaped choux shell drenched in dark chocolate. I mean, is this even a cupcake??


The s’mores cupcake is a graham cracker cake that has hints of that coarsely ground graham cracker flour – you know what I’m talking about – and uses toasted marshmallow cream instead of frosting, topped with a Hershey’s bar piece and filled with a pudding-like milk chocolate ganache.


They were all so good and managed to not be too sweety sweet either. But somehow, even when presented with all this deliciousness, the cake batter filled cupcake comes out on top. Come on, wut. I don’t do raw batter, and rarely do blue, so you’ll have to research for yourself.


Molly's Cupcakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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