WLW: Fatties Bakery


Number 1) how do you not love that name??! It just speaks to me. It’s like, we’re not f-ing around here, we’re callin’ em as we sees em. Number 2) good thing I love the name, bc if I lived in London, Fattie would also be my new nickname based entirely on my new physique thanks to Fatties Bakery. (Fattie with an “ie” not a “y.”  A “y” is so slumpy, an “ie” is like Hattie, someone you’d invite to tea).

This week’s Wish List Wednesday: Fatties Bakery. A bakery with one main ingredient: salted caramel. Whether individually wrapped in morsels, generously sandwiched between cookies, hidden in pockets within brownies, oozing over the top of a bundt in lieu of frosting, or transmitted directly to your bloodstream via IV (jk, jk, but maybe??), salted caramel is the main attraction.

Fatties’ creations are only sold at various markets and pop-ups around London, such as the Druid Street Market (every Saturday from 10am – 4pm). And when next I’ve popped over to Londontowne, you’ll be sure to catch me there. What will I be eating? Definitely tahini caramel/Valrhona chocolate cookie sandwiches. DEFINITELY. Also, most likely, some goldmine brownies and/or (AND) snickers cookies. To wash it all down, should I be there on a blustery day, I’ll be having a nice cup of salted caramel hot chocolate finished with a rim of piped marshmallow. And let’s face it, it’s almost always blustery in London, so I will no doubt be getting that hot chocolate.


Please someone go and eat these for me. Actually, I kinda feel like these could be shippable, so please someone go and send these to me.

*all photos by @fattiesbakery

2 thoughts on “WLW: Fatties Bakery

  1. Oh my, I want to go to London right NOW! Your descriptions are the next best thing (and definitely less fattie.).
    Love the new Wish List Wednesday addition to the blog. So many places, so little time . . .

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