cupcake roundup for National Cupcake Day!


Today is National Cupcake Day!!!!! Feeling so blessed that this day comes at a time of year when my plate is generally void of all sweets, be they Christmas cookies or fancy cakes or homemade candies……not. But there’s always room for more dessert!

And so a quick roundup of some of my all-time fave cupcakes (from Los Angeles and Chicago…sorry rest of the world)

  1. any cupcake from Sweet Mandy B’s – always the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio and always just so pretty (and always impossible to only go in for a single cupcake – you’ve been warned!)
  2. paper cupcake from Chiu Quon Bakery – fluffy, eggy, big enough to share (but no one’s forcing you), and then you can reuse the paper to write a grocery list or a penpal note to me!
  3. red velvet from SusieCakes – a red velvet so divine that I dedicated an entire post to it.
  4. the ube flan cupcake from Cafe 86 – flan instead of frosting, purple ube instead of a standard chocolate or vanilla, this cupcake pushes your dessert boundaries to delicious new heights! While I’m not a fan of copycats, I do wish that the ube/flan trend would catch on so I didn’t have to wait until Wed/Sat and travel myself to Pasadena to get my fix.

Any favorites I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comments below!!

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