Important dates are meant to be celebrated. And what’s a celebration without cake?? In the backwater days before women could vote, let alone run for president, colonial gals got in on election day action by baking election cakes.

These cakes were spiced, studded with fruit and not too sweet. HUGE quantities of the cakes (like actually enough to feed the militia for a day) were made by communities of women for election days. On olde-timey colonial election days, everyone would gather not just to vote, but to socialize, play games and get their drink on. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, the promise of cake further encouraged the men to get off their ass and show up to town hall meetings and votings. I mean, geeeeez. #ifyoucakeittheywillcome

The owners of OWL Bakery in Asheville, NC are pushing to “make America cake again,” by calling on pro bakeries and home bakers to jump on the election cake bandwagon. These cakes take a bit of time to prepare, even if you’re not harvesting your own berries and stoking a wood-burning fire, so OWL was also kind enough to supply a list of all participating bakeries across the country.

Take a look to see if you’ve got a bakery in your precinct – I do! – or check out this recipe that will provide you with over 4 hours of baking distraction and will taste great when paired with a soothing cup of tea and/or entire bottle of whiskey – whatever the day calls for……

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