rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, get that ice cream rollin’!


Ice cream rolls: the latest in ice cream fashion. Like Coldstone, but more aesthetically interesting. You know when your drink freezes to the sides of a frosty mug and sometimes that’s the best part? Well this is like a whole bowl of that best part.

Rolled ice cream originated in Thailand and has finally made its way stateside. Why is it so great? It’s fresh with no preservatives, it’s customizable, and, well, it’s pretty. What’s going on? Basically, liquid custard or cream is poured onto a frozen metal plate and then various mix-ins (cookies, fruit, Nutella, CHEESECAKE!) are chopped up/mixed in. The whole concoction slowly freezes during the mixing process and then is spread so so thin across the plate. Then a wide (let’s call it an) ice cream chisel is used to scrape up the ice cream into rolls. Top with more fruit/candy/whipped cream. Done.

The above pic is Thai iced tea ice cream mixed up with fresh lychee and graham crackers and then topped with raspberries and mochi. And it was made in Champaign, IL – CANYOUBELIEVEIT??!

If you’re not roaming about in Thailand or Champaign, here is where to get your roll on:

Los Angeles:
Chelo Creamery

New York:

Aha Crepe

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