eating for a cause


old fashioned or raised? glazed or filled? big or small? fancy or simple? for yourself or to share? donut decisionzzzzzz

Firecakes has you covered no matter your donut mood, and that last question is a relatively easy one: ALWAYS something for yourself! #duh #treatyoself #qualitycontrol But for the month of October (aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month) they are making it even easier. They have turned their classic pearl-topped Tahitian vanilla donut pink, and a portion of each pink vanilla purchase will go towards research funding. This is basically guilt-free donuting at its finest. Donut sharing at its most sharey.


And in case you needed another reason to run over to Firecakes ASAP, might I mention their current specialty fritter, made with 3 hr roasted grapes and Taleggio. Yes, you read correctly: stinky cheese in your donut. Trust me, or rather, trust Firecakes! (and also get yourself at least one coconut cream donut bc you’re worth it)


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