finding the cinnamon sea


Last weekend I really wanted to swim in a river. Kayak in a river. Go tubing in a river. Anything river. But kayaking alone can be dangerous, tubing alone is weird, and swimming when the water levels are low is more mucking than swimming. So, naturally, I did the next best thing: I drove to a sea of cinnamon glaze and dove in.

The cinnamon sea is located in Arthur, Illinois – more specifically, atop a cinnamon roll as big as the plate at Yoder’s Kitchen. Please do not do yourself a disservice and settle for the puddle sized cinnamon roll that comes with the buffet. Come on. Go BIG. You drove all the way here – maybe you even horse and buggied all the way here! Reward yourself with the enormous, pillowy, yeasty, warm, fluffy island that is drowning in glaze, and if you can’t finish it all (because also you had all-you-can-eat Amish broasted chicken and homemade noodles and your tabletop condiments consisted of apple butter and some marshmallowy peanut butter concoction), you will be supplied with a custom-fit take-away container made for this exact reason. You are not alone.


One of the perks of eating in Central Illinois is that no one will ever judge you for your order. In fact, at Yoder’s each table has a little card reading something like “Don’t clear this table, I’m only on helping #5” or something like that. All-you-can-eat buffet plus an extra order of a huge cinnamon roll even though smaller cinnamon rolls are included in the buffet? No one bats an eye, unless it is a eye-bat of envy bc they didn’t order the same.

Another perk of Central Illinois? Stumbling upon a Cheese Festival complete with tiaraed hometown princesses handing out free slices of Colby……but that’s a story for another blog… which I do not write.

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