Virtual Willy Wonka


In honor of Gene Wilder’s passing, I present to you my virtual Willy Wonka shopping list. Please note this is the ONLY way to “watch” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (eating along, scene by scene), and please note it can only be done with the original Gene Wilder version bc they barely eat anything besides minty floss in the shameful Johnny Depp remake (two thumbs down).

You will need:

  • lemon drops or some pretty hard candy – for the candy shop
  • Charleston Chew – makes a great Scrumdiddlyumptious stand in
  • individually wrapped chocolate bars – one for each viewer – preferably with foil wrappers – for when Charlie finds his Golden Ticket
  • candy buttons/paper dots – wallpaper
  • gummy bears, red licorice wheels, something gooey/jammy – Chocolate Room (or as I call it, Heaven on Earth)
  • wax bottles – buttercup teacup
  • chocolate milk – river
  • ginger ale – fizzy lifting drink
  • whipped cream – Wonka Wash
  • runts – as a Gobstopper fill in bc there is no time for actual Gobstoppers
  • blueberry gum – Hubba Hubba if you can find it!

A log of sausage is optional (if you want to get real with Augustus), and lots of water is also advised. If you happen to watch Willy around Easter, grab some chocolate eggs for good measure. And if you need a bathroom break, might I suggest taking it while Mrs. Bucket sings over a cauldron of laundry – you won’t miss anything.


“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

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