Stop at Kopp’s


“Life is a journey, not a destination.” But sometimes there are some pretty good destinations along the journey. And if you are headed to Wisconsin from Chicago for any reason whatsoever, Kopp’s is the destination on your way to your destination.

Kopp’s was the first frozen custard stand to offer a flavor of the day, and Milwaukeeans and Wisconsin vacationers alike have been planning their travels based on the custard forecast ever since. Driving up to Door County each summer we’d stop at Kopp’s and hope for a good flavor (as if there are any bad flavors / you can get vanilla or Dutch chocolate if you don’t like the daily flavor), and then decide when we’d return from vacation based on the forecast. Chocolate Chip (who cares) on Thursday or Fresh Red Raspberry (YASSS) on Friday? We’ll leave on Friday.


The system: Park your car. Use the bathroom. Someone order lunch / someone grab seats. (I always got the grilled cheese until two years ago when I had cheeseburger envy and went back for a burger post-grilled cheese. Woof. Now cheeseburger all the way.) Whoever finishes first goes back in with the custard order.

Although Kopp’s has some pretty great looking custard sundae concoctions, I’ve always gone for a cone with the flavor of the day (unless it’s too vanilla-based, then who are we kidding? I’m getting the Dutch chocolate). The custard is smooth, silky, piled high, and is a telltale sign that you’ve officially entered dairy land. (*see also Mars Cheese Castle)


PS: if you are going to Kopp’s today, expect Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake (YASSS) or Drumstick (who cares). Tomorrow? Orange Dream (yummmm) or Mint Chip (YUMMMM)!


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