Munster Donut – now and forever


As much as I love the beckoning hue of purple ube, the DIY aspect of a pipette inserted into a pastry, or a tower of toppings piled so high your donut resembles a sundae, there is something to be said for comforting basics done well.


Hooray for Munster Donut! Around since 1969, they aren’t phased by the DD down the street or the KK in the next town over. They know their patrons are loyal – keeping the squatty stools occupied around the clock as fresh donuts make their way out of the kitchen. Oh, did you happen to stop over at 3 Floyds Brewing and now it’s 5:30pm and a weird time for donuts and pleasepleaseplease let Munster Donut still be open!? (*sidenote: there is NEVER a weird time for donuts). Don’t fret – MD is 24 hrs. #allelujah


Go ahead and get one or two of your usual. And then get a blueberry cake (like a hot, glazed, fresh blueberry muffin), a German chocolate (chocolate cake rolled in toasted toffee coconut), and a bunch of their most famous offering: the sour crème. These bad boys have a crunchy exterior encasing a fluffy, cakey interior. They are the perfect dunking donut, if you are so inclined, and you can even keep them on your counter where they’ll be just fine until the next day (if they last that long).

And lest you think “Whoa whoa whoa… following your directions, I’ve now ordered up a dozen donuts, a cup of coffee, and actually 2 more donuts thrown in for good measure. What am I? Made of money?” No, good sir, you are not made of money, you are made of donuts. And you have just spent $11.27.

Going back for a repeat of all of the above + a huge puffy pillowy cinnamon sugar twist.



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