FaveREDs: all red all the time


Let’s say you have a 3 hour drive ahead of you and maybe you’re a bit hungover, and you’re falling asleep not bc you’re tired but bc you’re squinting into the sun bc you’re wearing glasses and hence can’t wear sunnies at the same time and so basically your eyes are almost closed. Let’s just say. You need something to keep you alert. You need a treat.

Well good ol’ Starburst has finally listened and is now offering only the best of the best. The cream of the crop. No longer are you forced to take your eyes off the road to hunt past/struggle through orange and lemon and kiwi-banana or some nonsense before you get to a good one. Introducing: FaveREDs. Only cherry, strawberry, fruit punch and watermelon chews! What more do you need? Nothing. Nothing more. (except maybe a ginger ale and a bag of Cheetos….)

Who knows how long this option has been around? I’ve been out of the gas station candy loop for a bit as I’ve been veering towards more pastried desserts, but, hello. what. a. godsend. #allelujah


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