officially summer


Memorial Day has passed, signaling the official start to summer. All worries re: “has my local ice cream shop reopened for the season?” are over, and all worries re: “can I eat this before it melts down my arm?” have begun.

Growing up, after graduations and recitals, we went to a sit-down ice cream parlor and were served sundaes with umbrellas and pitchers of hot fudge. But on regular, non-celebratory summer nights, we walked down the street for a quick cone. Carved out between a dry cleaners (where you could sit on the stoop to eat your cone) and some i-forget-what’s-there-because-they-didn’t-have-a-stoop storefront, was a dinky ice cream stand (basically a stationary ice cream truck only large enough to hold about 2.25 customers) lovingly referred to as the “hole in the wall” by locals.


Kinda like a 1st grader classroom desk that once seemed to fit so perfectly like it was made just for me, going back after so many years, it seems even smaller than before. I find myself thinking, “how is this even up to code??! how can anyone fit in here??!”


But whatevs, they must be doing something right (low overhead, for one…) bc it’s still standing and I’m still ordering my go-to: chocolate soft serve with a butterscotch dip. Along with this edible flavored plastic shell, Hole in the Wall has all the expected classics and they all have classic prices too. Woot woot!!

Time to brush up on your drip licking skillz, because ice cream season is now in full effect – SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!


Hole In The Wall Custard & Yogurt Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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