the oasis of El Oasis


There’s this thing in small Midwestern towns where the ice cream shops shut down between October and May. There’s also this thing called: I want ice cream in December wtf and ps it’s already 85 degrees on April 19 wtfff.

Thank goodness for El Oasis – open year round! Located in a pathetic strip mall with an enormous, uninspiring parking lot hidden behind a busy Walgreen’s intersection (are you salivating yet?), El Oasis isn’t much to look at from the outside, but don’t be deterred. Behind that beige exterior is a room bursting with tropical charm! A real hidden gem! Never would have guessed it.


They make everything in house, and by everything I mean: ice cream, sorbets, paletas, juices, chocolate covered bananas, chamoyada, fresh fruit cocktails, plus a couple of cakes and tortas thrown in for good measure.

You can find your regular American flavors like strawberry, coffee and chocolate, but you can also find traditional Mexican flavors like avocado, tamarind, elote and mamey (the owner’s fave). And no worries – if you’ve never even heard of mamey, let alone tasted it, you can sample to your heart’s/stomach’s content. Labels are in both English and Spanish so no one feels like a ding dong.


Look at those big chunks of fruit! Like for real, have you ever seen pieces of coconut THIS BIG in a popsicle before? Are you worried that you might choke on the chunks of coconut bc you’re so excited? Well then you can go ahead and order a shredded coconut paleta instead, which is still just as delicious and maybe a bit easier to eat. Are you worried that the mango ice cream might be too sweet? Well then go ahead and get yourself the spicy mango version.  Worried you won’t be able to decide which flavor to choose/don’t want to look like a piggy while you sit with a pile of pops on your table? Never fear because they’ll wrap up as many as you want, and ordering a bunch to go is totally the norm.


*coming back for a chamoyada (sorbet topped with mango chunks, chamoy sauce and chili powder), and a slice of the ‘imposible’ cake: chocolate cake topped with flan – how do they do it??!

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