saving wrappers to wallpaper my house


I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. Colors, fonts, hidden pictures, oooohhhhyesssssiwant!!!! But you know what sucks? When the packaging is better than the actual product. But you know what I don’t write about here? Products that suck.

And so: Compartes. Their chocolate bar packaging is AMAZING. Like I really do actually want to wallpaper my house with it, or at least get some prints made into upholstery fabric (or dress fabric, or both).


Then they print on their truffles, and you think, “um, is something that looks like a Crayola mosaic safe to eat?” Answer: yes. Plus they look so pretty when you arrange them in a gift (to yourself) box! Each truffle is a bright bite packed with flavor. Blueberry rhubarb, peach rosemary, date walnut, peanut honey salt, cucumber honeydew, etc etc etc forever and ever (changing seasonally).


But don’t think all this hooha is there to mask a subpar foundation. Compartes chocolate is amazing on its own, sans stuff. Milk, white or darkest of dark, covering dipped fruit (oranges! apricots!) or in a bar – it is always smooth, perfectly tempered, subtly complex. Then combined with interesting flavors for any/all preferences?  Boom. (even usually blah/baby palate white gets some fancy treatment à la strawberry pepper or apple pie!)

You know how you’ve/I’ve thought/said out loud, “no one understands me like chocolate…chocolate is the friend that never lets me down…” right? right??? Well, this time I really mean it, because:


Come on. It’s like Compartes is living in my head. Gems, whisky, gold. And chocolate. This handful basically sums up my life. Oh, and ps: did you think the pretty stopped at the label? Nope. This. Is. The. Chocolate. This. Is. The. Part. You. Eat.:


And then this is the part you gift at a bachelorette party:



  • if you can’t get yourself to LA, you can spring for some $$ shipping and order online
  • the Donuts & Coffee bar is made using Primo’s Donuts!
  • the Tortilla Chips & Cayenne bar is MUY picante – not for the faint of mouth


Compartes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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