Happy Pi(e) Day!! and also I might be moving…


It’s March 14, 3/14, 3.14, Pi(e) Day! The day to eat pie all day long (or at least 3.14 slices of it), and that is exactly what I will be doing at my new address of 1000 N California Ave. in Chicago where I will henceforth be residing at booth number 1. (*be advised I will not be accepting visitors on Mondays)

What do I love most about my new home? Aside from delicious pies such as the hibiscus key lime dressed up with vanilla scented whipped cream and blueberry compote (as pictured above) (PIE DAY!!!!!) and delicious soups such as the very special mushroom (not pictured and also known to those in the know (me) as “little cup of heaven”), I love how all the plates and glasses and silverware are mismatched at my new abode. I love how the garden seems to trickle in from the outside so that there are fresh flowers on all of my cozy tabletops. I love the oldtimey music that plays from my new stereo system. I LOVELOVELOVE my new wallpaper. Besides the pies and cookies and breads and scones pouring out from my new kitchen, I have to admit, the wallpaper really sold me:


So nice when a house is move-in ready and you don’t have to change a thing! Blush with gold maple helicopters (or as some call them, Spinning Jennys), and hence my new manor is called Spinning J.

Sometimes I’ll have friends over and they can twist back and forth on the vintage soda fountain counter stools and order drinks concocted with herbs and essential oils and syrups made on the premises and served in pink parfait glasses with paper straws. And sometimes they’ll bring along their own friends too who will say, “I’ll have what she’s having,” and they will be referring to me and my slice of hibiscus key lime. That’s fine, there’s always enough to go around at my new manor.



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