American Licks: edible artifacts


Less of a Sunday Sundae post and more of an ice cream PSA: if you haven’t yet “attended” your local Jeni’s for a “viewing” of the American Licks Collection, GET THERE NOW!

From January 29 (sorry you missed it) until March 31 (there’s still time!), all Jeni’s shops are scooping an inspired new ice cream collection, American Licks: Ice Cream as a Living Artifact. They’ll still have their regular flavors too, but they’ve added a dash of history along with a dose of souvenir swag. What’s on display? Six old-timey, classic flavors reimagined and better than ever!


With so many crazy concoctions and weird should-that-really-be-an-ice-cream flavors competing to be your next IG post, Jeni’s is taking it back to the beginning. Rechurning the flavors that made us love ice cream to begin with. But you know how sometimes you remember a treat from your past as being the greatest thing ever and then after all these years of fond build up you finally have it again and, well, it’s gross? (I’m looking at you bubble gum ice cream….) Jeni’s has taken this into consideration, and has made the American Licks flavors as you ‘remember’ them…. meaning they have made versions that are better than they ever actually were/are in keeping with your very best memories (hence cookies & cream is not just taking some old vanilla and throwing in stale Oreos).

Jeni smartly opted not to remake bubble gum ice cream, but instead has chosen the following six quintessential flavors:

candied ginger – circa before 1865, made with ginger cream and bits of sugared ginger and colored with beet (to look like the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. ginger x 3!!)

orange sherbet – made using the juice, pith and zest of the orange with a dash of cream – you can pretend it’s in a metal bowl or in push-up pop form….. whichever lends itself best to your memory.

green mint chip – why does green taste mintier than white? who knows, it just does, so the peppermint cream was swirled with just enough organic spirulina to give it color and then 50% cocoa chips were added.

black & white cookies – cookies: the first ice cream mix in! but instead of a pre-packaged 1970’s instant icy bowl, this version is made using house-made chocolate cookies, specks of white chocolate instead of sugar paste, and vanilla-scented cream. so there.

pralines & cream – ice cream and nuts and more sugar just makes sense. that’s why people have been adding sugared nuts as ice cream toppings for over 100 yrs. now how about cinnamon sugar nuts and blackstrap molasses with caramelized cream? makes sense to me!

cherries jubilee – you weren’t around when this was first invented (in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee), and you probably didn’t order this as a child (boozy cherries? no thanks, i’ll take moose tracks with sprinkles and gummy bears), but frankly, right now, what sounds better than brandy ice cream studded with jammy Luxardo Maraschino cherries? answer: nothing. nothing sounds better.

Oh! You read all the way to the end?? You’re still here?? Get to Jeni’s now!!!!! (or order pints online!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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