Is a cookie walk like a bar crawl?



Is a cookie walk just like a bar crawl except you go to cookie stores? And what’s a cake walk? Something that’s easy?



Dear Justin,

Um, not quite. A cookie walk is usually a charity event where volunteers bake/donate a ton of cookies and then you buy a box to fill with your selections. Kind of like an extreme bake sale. They are great during winter holidays – you can load up your box(es) with all different kinds of cookies to try (your favorites or ones you’ve never seen before/have been too lazy to make), and then share them at a holiday party (or keep for yourself to snack on during a festive bar crawl?). Check out the pics below from a recent cookie walk to get a better idea of it all!

A cake-walk is a carnival game kind of like musical chairs. You walk around on a numbered path while music plays. When the music stops a number is called out, and if you’re standing on the called number you win a cake of your choice as a prize. I guess that’s as easy as it gets!

Happy holidays and season’s eatings!
-Dessert Oasis



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