Pro tip: reward yourself


Why? Because you’re worth it. What? Some free chocolate. When? EVERY month. How? With a Godiva rewards card!!

You know when you’re just walking around a mall (if you/I even go to malls anymore) and you’re thinking, “Ugh, I just want to get out of here/ it’s too stuffy/I don’t have any money left/where did I park.” Surely at some point during the trek back to the parking lot you will pass a Godiva shop. And when you do, if you’re a rewards member, you can just skip on in and claim your free piece of chocolate without even having to buy anything else. It’s that easy. And if you’re not a rewards member yet, you can sign up at any store and then just keep your card in your wallet amongst other seldom used plastics. I promise the Godiva card will see the light of day more frequently than a vintage Blockbuster card or a crumbling student ID, because every time you pass a Godiva shop, you will pat yourself on the back (on the stomach) and hand it over happily.

Dessert Oasis Fact: I’ve been a proud card-carrying member since 2007.

(plus it’s good for more than just a free piece of chocolate each month. you can get free gifts and free shipping and all sorts of other good stuff too!) You’re welcome!


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