Good Ol’ Garrett’s


Before you start thinking that I’m hawking some stale airport tins, let me remind you that Garrett’s started in Chicago in 1949, and they have been making their popcorn fresh throughout the day in their shops ever since. (and then they might send some out to be sold via airports….and I have no idea how they run their shops in Vegas/New York/Atlanta/or wherevs…) And so, fyi, I shall be speaking solely on behalf of the original Chicago shops:


You don’t need a map to find a Garrett’s shop, you can just follow your nose. Like I was actually walking down some block last week and didn’t realize there was a location there, but I smelled the heavenly scent and followed it (much like a caramely Pepe le Pew cartoon) straight to its doors. This scent is so powerful that it cuts through the city smells of exhaust, sewers, weary walking-the-streets-all-day tourists, department store perfume samples. Really.


The cases/counters filled with fresh popcorn are huge and you’ll have to resist the urge to want to jump into them like a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese. Here’s what you order: a Chicago mix (technically referred to as the “Garrett Mix”) – it’s half CheeseCorn mixed with half CaramelCrisp and It. Is. Great. Golden sharp cheddary glow complementing buttery brown sugary crunch. Embrace the power of salty/sweet.



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