Oh my, Oh My!


Oh my.

The Oh My! Caramel Pie from Beatrix is aptly named. (also printing ‘holy shit’ in the menu would not be classy)

It is a huge wedge accompanied by an equally enormous “dollop” of fresh whipped cream. It is rich and smooth, sweet and subtly burnt – like the flavor from the top of a crème brûlée was fused into the custard part of the crème brûlée then stiffened up to make a tall slice – able to hold its own, but backed by a barely-there shortbread crust.

It is a pie to save room for. To linger with conversation over. That tricks you into thinking you’ll never finish and you should just take it home and have it for breakfast, but then, oh my, it’s somehow disappeared.

*and i’ll be coming back for: fluffy angel food muffins and just-asking-for-a-photo-shoot emoji cookies.

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One thought on “Oh my, Oh My!

  1. I’ve had that pie! Your post certainly does it justice, especially the lingering over and then, oh no, nothing left for breakfast. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Can’t wait to go back and try their other offerings.

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