IT’S NATIONAL DESSERT DAY!!!!! (and I didn’t make that up)


Oh these “days” – don’t you just love them? I see them as less of an excuse and more of a reminder to treat yo self! (so easy to lose sight of treating yo self sometimes…..)

Today I celebrated at Cream and Flutter with a well-rounded smattering of desserts: a burger-sized pistachio macaron filled with silky pistachio buttercream, a tiramisu cupcake soaked in espresso and towering with mascarpone cheese frosting, and a s’mores brownie big enough to fill a (baby) shoe box. (and the brownie foundation itself wasn’t the only chocolate representation in this s’mores deconstruction….a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache is hiding under the marshmallows for full effect)

So get out there and celebrate while there’s still time! (<—- trick statement: there’s ALWAYS time for dessert) And be sure to spread the holiday cheer to any sad souls less in-the-know….. truth be told, I had to let Cream and Flutter know what day it is….. shame.


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